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2020 Presidential Eleciton
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Latest Updates 9/6/2020 at 9:00am PT

August 26, 2020
Fake news is usually spread by extreme wings of the political spectrum, study finds

August 14, 2020
Survey: President Trump Treated Most Unfairly By Media Compared To Obama, Bush, Clinton

July 29, 2020
Campaign finance reforms don’t make elections more competitive, study claims

July 8, 2020
Sorry, Kanye: Survey shows Americans don’t want you, or other celebrities, as President

April 20, 2020
Study: Russian Trolls Supremely Effective At Exploiting American Fear, Anger Online

February 19, 2020
Church & State: Modern Non-Religious Voters Vary In Political Preferences, Study Finds

February 11, 2020
Small Contributions, Big Impact: ‘Hidden Donors’ Play Major Role In Political Campaigns

November 6, 2019
Mass Shootings, 2020 Election, Health Care Top List Of Americans’ Biggest Stressors