Editorial Team & Contributors

Steve Fink, Advising Editor

Steve Fink is a longtime CBS journalist who serves as the Director of News Programming and Promotion for CBS Local by day. He previously served as Managing Editor of CBSNewYork.com and WCBSTV.com before joining the company’s corporate digital team. His passion for digital news standards and trends, combined with his love for news-oriented studies made him an ideal advisor for the content and vision of StudyFinds.org.

Current StudyFinds.org Contributors:

John Anderer: Originally from Long Island, John has been writing professionally for over 7 years. When he isn’t writing about the latest scientific studies, you can find him working on his first horror novel.

Terra Marquette is a Denver-area freelance writer and editor. Her love of almost every subject led her to a degree in journalism, followed by science-based writing and editing as well as fact-filled library research. In her free time, she enjoys long nature walks and creating healthy meals for her family.

Ben Renner is freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado. He manages and edits websites and produces content marketing pieces and website content for a variety of clients in multiple industries. Ben is a huge sports fan and Seattle native. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Jacob Roshgadol is a neuroscience research assistant in New York City. He’s really interested in understanding how consciousness emerges from all of the processes taking place in the brain. He’s passionate about science education and wants to help make science accessible to everyone.

Contributors who write under ghost names or who do not wish to have bylines are included under the StudyFinds author name.

Posts are written to explain the findings of each study, however StudyFinds.org does not endorse, agree, nor disagree with any studies posted. We welcome and encourage our readers to leave comments whether you support or oppose a study, however we request such comments to be written with respect to opposing beliefs.