A smarter person’s brain is simply wired better, study finds


FRANKFURT, Germany — Brainiacs happen to have thinking organs that are physically designed to outperform, a new study finds.

Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany looked at brain scans of more than 300 participants, while simultaneously consulting graph theoretical network analysis methods, to try to determine what helps form human intelligence.

Left Brain / Right Brain
A new study finds the brains of people with higher levels of intelligence are simply wired in a way that allows them to better understand and retain information. (Photo by ElisaRiva on Pixabay.com)

Explaining how the brain’s many regions interact with others to varying degrees — think of smaller social groups within broader society— the researchers more specifically sought to understand whether the wiring of certain regions was different among people depending on their level of intelligence.

“This is similar to a social network which consists of multiple sub-networks (e.g., families or circles of friends). Within these sub-networks or modules, the members of one family are more strongly interconnected than they are with people from other families or circles of friends. Our brain is functionally organized in a very similar way,” the researchers explain in a university release.

They found that in more intelligent individuals, two regions associated with the cognitive processing of task-relevant information — the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex — were more tightly connected to other functional areas of the brain.

Meanwhile, an area known as the temporo-parietal junction was found to be less strongly connected to other parts of the brain in these participants, indicating to researchers that intelligent individuals can more easily discern between useless and useful details.

“The different topological embedding of these regions into the brain network could make it easier for smarter persons to differentiate between important and irrelevant information— which would be advantageous for many cognitive challenges,” argues Ulrike Basten, the study’s principal investigator.

Ultimately, the anatomy of a smart person’s brain may also provide them with an increased capacity to focus and avoid distraction.

“We assume that network properties we have found in more intelligent persons help us to focus mentally and to ignore or suppress irrelevant, potentially distracting inputs,” Basten says.

Although the exact causes of differing brain biochemistry are still unknown, the researchers believe that both genetic and environmental factors are likely at play.

If you’d ultimately like a more efficient brain, giving it regular exercise through challenging cognitive tasks might just be what the doctor ordered.

Basten et al. published their findings Nov. 22 in the journal Scientific Reports.


    1. WRONG, most brains are very capable. However, the ones which are not have relatively higher loads of toxins in brain and body.
      1. Fluoride lowers IQ. Never drink fluoridated water, especially don’t give fluoridated baby water to babies. Hint, hint: Walmart shoppers
      2. Mercury, aluminum, and other heavy metals.
      Don’t accept poisons in your teeth fillings, or your cookware and utensils. Chelate using Andrew Cutler protocol and watch your brain return. Malic Acid gets rid of aluminum. But, don’t do Malic Acid protocols with Andrew Cutler protocol at same time, because aluminum and mercury react badly together, providing much pain.
      3. Vaccines.
      Vaccinations make people sick and stupid.
      Regardless of any mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and other toxic ingredients in vaccines, the primary danger is that all vaccines contain viruses from the puss used to grow it, which are too small to be filtered and of which many cause cancer and neuro-conditions affecting mind and focus.
      4. All the above lead to parasite infections in the body. Keep up with twice yearly use of antiparasitic herbal cleanses. Don’t bother with pharma drugs, they’ll make you dumber, also.

    1. No no no… this study just proved that they have brains that are not very well connected. You gotta have a brain to manage all that ‘breathing’ and ‘pumping blood’ and all that useless crap.

  1. And the ones who would claim to be so gifted fell for mind-numbing repetitions of “hope” and “change,” imagining that to be a marker of gravitas and enlightenment. Next thing ya’ know, they’ll believe someone when they’re told they can have “free” health insurance that will be better than any they can buy on their own.


    1. You took the words out of my mouth. There is twisted logic in liberal b.s. the people with the overblown egos and too much faith in their own smarts fall for. Smarts does not give you logic in life choices.

      1. True that, Steph. There has been far too much credentializing for the last few decades and not half enough genuine educating.

  2. Intelligence is overrated, it doesn’t guarantee success, happiness, or wealth. I’ve met more low IQ millionaire contactors than high IQ doctors. It’s like having a high hp car driven by a clueless driver with most people.

  3. This just confirms a study done decades ago that analyzed the number of binary connections within brain cells. The average was 3. Einstein had 5. They never found a pure-blooded African black with more than 1.

  4. Isn’t that intelligence privilege?
    We’ll have to hurry and dumb them down so others can feel better about themselves.

    1. That should be easy, just give them a steady diet of liberal propaganda. They’ll be as stupid as field mice in a few days.

  5. What insight! Intelligent people have brains that work better! WOW!
    Next they could find out why it is easier for tall people to get stuff from the top shelf than it is for short people!

  6. Yes, correct, I’ve known that since ’75, What took you idiots so long to figure it out??? Maybe trying to lump every entity into the same pile, mandating equivalency, is a failed theory???
    People are not the same, no one has equal abilities, Major cosmetic surgery does not make you a woman or a man. The DNA stays the same.

    1. Well, is a stupid person intelligent? Can a low IQ person be smart?
      If you mean overall, probably not but some people excell and are brilliant in singular performance but are slow in common behaviors. Like an autistic piano player who can repeat any piece of music after hearing it once and remember it for a lifetime. But cannot create a simple original tune.
      The brain is a strange bunch of cells.

  7. All I have to say is Duhhhh. Whodathunkit? Why should the brain be different from any other part of the body? Michael Jordan had a body made for professional basketball. Me, not so much.

    That some brains are superior to other brains is no great revelation. Maybe the libs can figure out some way to short circuit the smarter brains to make them more nearly equal.

  8. This is a load of garbage. We’re always looking for a medical explanation for our woes. These connections evolve through education and wisdom, rather than genetic predisposition. So, if you’re no so smart, you can work at it, and get smart. Seems like that’s obvious, and we don’t need a study for it.

  9. duh, right? of course smarter people have better brains… this is just starting to crack the surface of what efficient wiring really is.

  10. There’s a HUGE problem with intelligence inequality in the United States today. Anyone that tests higher than 85 should be thrown in prison for life!

  11. No. Research along these lines must be banned. They have clearly identified a genetic predisposition for intelligence. The next step would be to identify which groups have that genetic predisposition. That question must never be asked, much less answered. We must continue with the fiction that, although one group is accepted as genetically advantaged physically (faster, bigger, stronger), all groups are equal intellectually. Liberals will throw temper tantrums, and hold their breath until they turn blue, if that belief is scientifically questioned.

    1. Watson, of Watson and Frick fame-the double helix and all that-already did reveal when certain subsets of our society are inferior. Not perjorative, just fact. Watson has been a pariah ever since disclosing the truth.

  12. Hmmm. I wonder if the scientists would happen to have the races and genders of the participants as well. Are we to believe they didn’t log that data? I wonder what it shows….

  13. But that’s considered racism and white privilege these days by the Dems/Leftists/Socialists/Communists/Globalists… one must not act high performing so as to not oppress the low performers.


  15. If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5, He answered my prayers and gives me great knowledge and understanding beyond measure. Surrender and deal your faults, and be Blessed🌹💜😃

  16. It seems obvious that not all brains work the same way. But there are a variety of ways for some sort of “superiority” to manifest itself. Many of the best chess players were child prodigies. Same with musicians, and mathematicians, etc. But these superiorities don’t necessarily carry over into other aspects of thinking. Remember the “Rain Man”. Folks like him were once called Idiot savants. There is a new politically correct term that I don’t remember. There are folks with astounding memory. So, not all brains are wired the same.

  17. And these structural and performance issues are, no doubt, genetically based and inherited.
    Are these differences traceable across racial groups?

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