Survey: Just a quarter of Americans can name all 3 branches of government

PHILADELPHIA — A sizable portion of the American public seems to show little interest in the fabric of the country’s government and history, a new survey finds.

Researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) surveyed over 1,000 American adults, finding a shocking lack of knowledge as it pertains to U.S. politics among the general populace.

United States Constitution
In a new survey of American adults, just a quarter were able to name all three branches of the federal government, while 37% couldn’t name a single right protected by First Amendment.

Fifty-three percent of respondents believed the falsehood that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights, while 37 percent couldn’t even name a single right endowed by the First Amendment.

Thankfully, 48 percent of those surveyed were able to identify freedom of speech as being a right enshrined by the First Amendment, although far fewer could identify other rights accorded.

These include freedom of religion (15 percent), freedom of the press (14 percent), right of peaceful assembly (10 percent), and right to petition the government (three percent).

“Protecting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution presupposes that we know what they are. The fact that many don’t is worrisome,” says Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) of the University of Pennsylvania, in a press release. “These results emphasize the need for high-quality civics education in the schools and for press reporting that underscores the existence of constitutional protections.”

Meanwhile, only 26 percent of Americans could name all three branches of the federal government — that would be the executive, legislative, and judicial, for those playing at home.

While conservatives were more likely to be able to name all three branches than liberals or moderates, the overall proportion of the public that can name all three has fallen by 12 percent since 2011.

Perhaps most embarrassing: a full third of respondents couldn’t name a single federal branch of government, a figure that hasn’t shifted over the past half-decade.

As for the rights of illegal immigrants, a majority of conservatives (67 percent) believed that illegal aliens were not provided any legal recourse, compared to slight minorities of moderates (48 percent) and liberals (46 percent).

In reality, illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. are usually afforded a number of rights, including protection under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.

On another note, it’s somewhat surprising that a significant minority of respondents believed that one could be denied rights on the basis of their religion (e.g., if they were Muslim or atheist).

The poll’s findings have a sampling error of about 3.7 percentage points.


  1. One third could name ONE of the branches of the federal government, the other two thirds being open-minded liberals.

  2. “In reality, illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. are usually afforded a number of rights…”

    This line is evidence that government-supremacists either don’t know the law or are blatantly ignoring it.

    1. Actually, anyone physically present on US soil DOES have certain rights, whether they are here legally or not. Specifically, the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments.

  3. This study proves exactly why we still need the electoral college:) We also need mandatory voter ID laws in place at the federal level!

      1. It used to be pounded into people’s heads that they had a civic duty to inform themselves of civics, the current major issues, candidates positions, etc., and then and ONLY then, vote. And that if you weren’t reasonably informed you had no business voting at all.

        Now the liberals/progressives/Democrats/socialists trumpet to the high heavens how EVERYONE ought to vote, period. Who cares if they have a clue. It’s a popularity contest and character doesn’t matter. And you shouldn’t have to go to ANY effort to vote either – all to make it that much likely for low information “useful idiots” (h/t Hitler & Stalin) to vote.

        Which is why we wind up with a petulant, divisive, hateful, blame shifting, incredibly narcissistic empty suit incompetent like Obama in office – and he manages to turn this once great nation very nearly into a lawless banana republic in only a few short years. He’s an utter disgrace to the office of the President of the United States, as are his appointees to their respective offices.

        What’s mind boggling is then we saw the same to some extent from the right, with the Trump cult of personality. Where character and competence used to be required, electing the leader of the free world has now been so dumbed down that it’s a popularity contest with little or no regard for character, integrity, class… at least for far too many people.

        And the best and most favored candidates the Dems could muster was the blatantly corrupt lawless Hillary “Quid Pro Dough” Clinton, aka Felonia Von Mao-Suit, with all her slam dunk felonies, baggage, scandals, lies, and lack of any positiive accomplishments. Yet the majority of Dems still happily pulled the lever for her.

        The degradation of our electorate is horrifying when the long term ramifications are considered.

        It will never happen, but I’d give anything for everyone to have to manage to pass a VERY simple test in the polling booth each time before they can vote in major elections – no trick questions or trick answers. Just very basic things like “how many branches of the government are there, and what are they called?” “Who is the vice president?” “What party controls the House?” “Who is the speaker of the House?” “What party controls the Senate?”

        Miss even a single question, you can’t vote in that election – come back and try again next election.

        Also make it so no one on welfare can vote. As soon as they are off, they can vote again (or maybe a brief waiting period, say a few months). That would both eliminate the problem of many people simply voting for more handouts, along with eliminating the politician’s motive for pandering to them by offering handouts. Not to mention taking away much of the incentive for the politician to finagle ways of getting the lowest information voters to vote for them.

        Ah well, I can dream, anyhow.

        But we certainly need to stop giving the low information voters a pass – they ought to be, within reason, shamed for failing to do their most basic civic duty of becoming an informed voter, and attempts made to help them learn about the founding principles of this nation, basic civics and civic duty, and why it’s so incredibly important.

        1. I will freely admit that there are sometimes local issues that appear on the ballot that I have either no knowledge to make an informed decision, or that I just don’t care either way (for a variety of reasons.) My policy is to leave that portion of my ballot blank.

          1. Oh yeah, there are bound to be things like that. And I commend you for leaving those blank. I certainly don’t expect everyone to know the ins and outs of every issue – that wouldn’t be reasonable. But they sure as heck ought to know basic civics and at least have a grasp of current affairs that’s solid enough to make informed decisions on major candidates. That’s all I’m trying to say.

          2. That’s crazy! Why is it such a brain drain or chore to know WTH you’re voting for? All sample ballots have every candidate who is up for election as well as varous “Propositions” the people can vote on that WILL affect them in their local area and neighborhoods. Why is it so hard to research what you’re voting for or NOT voting for? Is everyone stupid, lazy or what? Don’t you want to know what “good ole boy” politicians have in store for you? They count on you not caring!! Then you act so surprised or put upon when it affects you! Idiots! I have NEVER missed an election of any kind that affects me or my family since I turned 18. A stupid populace is easier to control!!! MAKE it your business to be informed or STHU when something negative ruins your life or livelihood. It’s NOT rocket science!!

        2. Politicians KEEP KIDS IN THE DARK. That’s how the Democrats win , they give out FREE STUFF thereby insuring re election . Any one who has been around Democrats KNOWS that as a FACT

      1. Yup.. I remember my father going insane when they took History out of the classroom and replaced it with “social studies” in the 70’s.

        1. I was there is the 70’s when they made the move. It made me realize that I hated sociologists and didn’t need to waste electives in college.

      2. The pigs never wanted the other animals to know HOW they ran things.
        Animal Farm was a warning as was 1984 but Hillary recently admitted she sees them as instruction manuals.
        As I have long expected.

        1. Photo below is of Orwell, of course – and I’ve NEVER seen anyone get 1984 so totally backwards as Hillary “Quid Pro Dough” Clinton, aka Felonia Von Mao-Suit just did. Orwell is spinning in his grave seeing what’s become of the USA.

      3. What I’ve said for decades now, even though we’ll never see something like this implemented, is that there ought to be an amendment such that no one currently on welfare can vote in major elections. As soon as they’re off welfare or with a few months waiting period at most, then they can vote again. And that goes for any form of welfare, e.g., food stamps, housing subsidies, aid for dependent children, etc. — but of course this does NOT include programs such as SS & Medicare where you pay into them your entire life, so they’re not welfare. That would immediately remove all incentive for politicians to pander to them, and remove the ability of people to simply vote for whoever promises the greatest handouts.

        Plus, I’d sure go for a very simple straight forward test required in the polling booth before you can vote. If you pass it with no errors, you vote, if you don’t, sorry, come back and try next year. And I do mean VERY basic questions like “how many branches of government are there, and what are their names,” “who is the vice president,” “who is the speaker of the House,” “who is the Senate majority leader” – just a very few very basic questions like that that everyone has to answer to vote.

        Of course we’ll never see provisions like that – heck, it’s been difficult just getting voter ID laws passed to help stop the disenfranchisement of voters and help protect the integrity of our entire system.

        I gather Arizona passed a law awhile back that requires all high school students to take and pass the citizenship test that all immigrants have to take to become citizens. That’s a good start at least, and hopefully every state will pass a similar law. But I won’t hold my breath.

          1. Rat: Actually, if you look at it historically, the Constitution created a federal government of defined and limited powers. The Supreme Court has let that bedrock underpinning be completely ignored.

          2. Yes, on that we totally agree – but it has no bearing on the issue of voting rights in the Constitution. Even so, on the issue of the Constitution bedrock…. Not just the Supreme Court, but Constitutional Amendments that were passed also. The Constitution started being seriously shredded back around 1913, and we’ve been sliding every more rapidly since. In 1913 three things happened (in no particular order):

            1) A Constitutional amendment was passed (17th Amendment) such that Senators were no longer appointed by state legislators (incentive to look out for states rights), but elected in a popularity contest that’s often heavily influenced by forces outside the state.

            2) Federal reserve was established.

            3) A Constitutional Amendment was passed (16th Amendment) allowing, for the first time, for the federal government to collect income taxes.

            These actions really got the ball rolling, giving the federal government ways to collect enough money that they could grow government and social programs, while drastically weakening states rights that might have limited such mission creep by the federal government. Meanwhile, establishment of the federal reserve helped divorce economics from the market and extend government control even further.

            Then in 1942 there was a landmark case, Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111, where basically the Supreme Court in a most twisted “logic” said essentially that farmers who grew products for their own family’s consumption could be taxed on those products, because ‘if they didn’t consume it themselves, it might be sold over the border and therefore the commerce clause applies and we can tax you on food you grow and eat yourself – or if you hadn’t grown it, you might have bought products from across state lines, so again, that was used as justification to tax the product. Essentially that opened the door for massive abuse of the commerce clause – basically it’s been used to justify virtually anything that any member of Congress decides they want. It’s probably the most abused Constitutional clause in existence.

            And they’ve been stripping our freedoms faster and faster ever since then, but it’s gone into overdrive since Obama took office. He and his minions have managed to essentially turn the USA into a lawless banana republic in just a few short years.

            Trey Gowdy did an amazing speech that’s key also – it’s about 6 min long and I’d highly recommend that everyone watch it and pass it along.

            This ought to be required viewing for every single person in the USA – citizens and others who are legal or illegal included. Gowdy: Prosecutorial Discretion Not a Synonym for Anarchy This is the very foundation of our nations – that the rule of law applies equally to all, and that Congress makes the laws, the President ensures he enforces them equally (not make laws up at his own whim). Basic founding principles that this president has violated time and again – and so far Congress has failed to stop.

          3. Excellent, well structured summary of where the nation began it’s demise, Db8! Kudos…as always! 😉

          4. Thanks so much Top! Weather has finally broken here from summer scorch, just a few days ago – pretty nice now and a heck of a nice change over what we’d been having. Hope all’s well with you and yours!

          5. Trump needs to pick some of the laws that his base don’t like and refuse to enforce them. Then see what happens.

          6. I’m afraid I can’t agree with that at all. That’s the way of the left – we desperately need to return to equal justice for all and the rule of law. Not degrade things further in a tit for tat.

          7. Don’t start on the rights and responsibilities schtick, it makes gun-owners (sorry, militia members) very worried.

          8. And welfare and healthcare are freebees given out by the Dems, not a right.

          9. So is bearing arms. Do you support lessening the restrictions that have been imposed upon American citizens who choose to exercise that right or does your hypocrisy only extend to “rights” that you guys invent (such as abortion) or just agree with? Do you think that people should, at least, prove who they are and that they actually possess the “right” to vote or does your limited reasoning intellect just go along with the destructive (to America) party line that claims that such common sense precautions are somehow (though it’s never intelligently explained just how or why) racist? I love it when libs try to defend positions that are related to a document that they don’t even understand.

          10. Back then, the only people allowed to vote were property owners. Even women, as long as they owned property, could vote.

        1. You are exactly right on!!!! How can those with no actual “skin in the game” (remember who said that within the last eight years?) should have absolutely no say in where taxpayer monies go. It seems as though corrupt democrats (and, their evil minions–liberals) are always interested in forming their own voting blocks (illegals, felons, the mentally disabled, etc) because they can’t win elections if they just speak honestly and do things on the up and up. If something is unconstitutional, anti-American and destructive to our nation and our sacred liberty dems and libs are all for it. Only when the colossally corrupt democrat party (and, hopefully, the eunuch Republican party too) is destroyed by their obstruction of our duly elected president and liberalism is finally acknowledged (as those of us with IQ’s above 70 have long known) to be the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat that the US currently faces–with those who are engaged in violence, fascism and sedition properly imprisoned–will this country once again become the happy, prosperous, free and safe nation it was and is meant to be.

          1. At this point the left has gotten to be so extreme, and so illogical and inconsistent that I’m hoping they just keep doubling down – and eating their own. Obviously it’s driving a lot of people away from them – witness the 1,100+ major election seats they’ve lost since Obama took office.

            The down side is that it seems that the younger generations are increasingly indoctrinated into this insanity and are too clueless to learn from history. Gawd I hope that changes. Also bad is that much of the western world seems to be even further down this rathole than we are – just look at what the EU is doing with immigration… they’re voluntarily committing national suicide and allowing their own culture to be erased and replace by far far worse culture. That’s leaving us even more isolated…

            But there are a huge number of great people in the USA – so hopefully we’ll be able to work through and escape without too much damage. The level of debt, however, is getting awfully worrisome – that, and the tremendous polarization in our own citizenry.

        2. People who receive welfare, or are incarcerated are wards of the state. They will always vote for more redistribution of wealth from the working to the non working

      4. Remember Civics begins and ends with all things related to the civil rights movement of the 60s. Nothing else to see here move right along. Oh this week we can worry about NFL kneeling.

    1. Far from being ended, the Electoral College actually should be applied at the State level as well. Seattle, Portland, Vegas, Chicago, NYC … SF and LA in Cali and even Dallas and Houston in Texas effectively disenfranchise the rest of the voters not living in those areas.

      A repeal of the seventeenth amendment that effectively made the Senate nothing more than an extension of the Congress would not be a bad idea either.

  4. a good reporter would have told us the political party affiliation of these morons….hint, rhymes with democrat. When i was a kid, you had to correctly answer a basic question at the polling places to be allowed to vote, and you had to pay property taxes to vote in bond elections for public schools. the democrat-infested courts threw out these two safeguards against being governed by the dumbest half of america, and look where we are now

        1. Right, because they were overtly racist voting procedures specifically used to target blacks from going to the polls. Wow, man…. you are right up Trump’s alley. I suspect you were in Charlottesville — that is, if you are still able to walk.

          1. now pepe, let’s not go around spraying people with your skunk perfume. i grew up in lilly white arizona and remember when these laws were tossed out by judges in arizona, and it had nothing to do with race. it had to do with a lack of common sense on the part of judges who came of age in democrat-infested colleges and law schools. i vividly remember my parents and friends being concerned about what this would do to the election process, allowing the dumb and those who don’t have to pay the interest on school bonds to vote. i suspect that you are an obola voter who believes that anyone who disagrees with you is a racist. when people play that race thing with me, i ask them if they are still cheating on their wife, which is the same kind of question that assumes you are guilty. are you still cheating on your wife?

          2. And lets not going around pretending a skunk isnt a skunk. Lily white Arizona was covered by the Voting Rights act at one point to protect voters that were being systematically discriminated against because of racism — that is a fact. If you think that is okay and you do not want to call it racism that your right, but I dont know why you wouldnt just stand up and take responsibility for that. It shows that you are lying to yourself or everyone else because it is easy to understand what you mean. I notice that you cant bring yourself to say “President Obama” — hmmmm….. I also notice that your parents and the other lily whites were worried about the “dumb” voting. Could they have been conflating the “dumb” with the non-whites in the area? If you are honest and brave, I suspect you will say yes, but I also suspect you are neither honest nor brave. No more smoke screens please…. you are embarrassing yourself.

          3. When you are slapped with a Voting Rights infraction by Congress or the Courts it is because you have shown systematic RRRRaaaaacccccism. Not me saying that — it is how the Act works. Sorry that you are uneducated about this. Well, I guess you are consistent with the theme of the article that people do not know very much about their government. But let us be 100% clear and honest with one another — you and I know very well that Arizona can be terribly racist dont we. Come clean — you think you are better than other races dont you…? And your parents did too didnt they? This is the last communication I will have with you because I really cant stand to see you embarrass yourself like this — I have compassion for strangers, even dumb ones.

          4. Raaaaaaaaaaacism. Again. You cry raaaaaaacism when someone says the night is dark. Sick to death of blaming your own failures on raaaaaaaaacism.

          5. When a state is slapped with a Voting Rights infraction by Congress or the Courts it is because the state has shown systematic RRRRaaaaacccccism at the voting booth. Not me saying that — it is how the Act works. Sorry that you are uneducated about this. Well, I guess you are consistent with the theme of the article that people do not know very much about their government. But let us be 100% clear and honest with one another — you and I know very well that Arizona can be terribly racist dont we? I have no idea why you are so afraid to admit that you feel superior to other races and feel like you should be able to vote and they should not.

          6. Stop projecting. Who said I was superior? YOU. Who said I think some people shouldn’t be able to vote? YOU. Your fantasy life ignores reality. Stop making excuses for why people don’t get proper ID, register, participate in the process. You’re good at whining and complaining, though.

          7. Why not explain just how showing a simple ID to vote is racist, Pew. That should be pathetically easy for a constitutional scholar, such as yourself. Most states have actually long required their citizens to possess a state issued ID, as well as to have it on their person when in public. Hell, didn’t the democratic convention require that anyone entering show ID? Most states have made it pathetically easy for even the laziest person to aquire one–and, if it’s for voting purposes, they are FREE!!!! Why is it not racist to require an ID to buy beer? Anyone with an IQ above 70 (which definitely excludes anyone who has voted democrat in any federal election during, at least, the last decade) knows that the corrupt democrats just want to make it easier to win elections by fraudulent voting. There can simply be no other reason. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to finally learning the “truth” about this (what should’ve been a just plain, old common sense) non issue lol.

          8. I always have to show a photo ID to vote, Ilya, and I have no problem with it. The Constitution provides that each state gets to choose the way that they vote. The research on this is clear and it directly refutes your point — there is very little voter fraud in the country and, what little that may exist, does not impact elections. There has been tons of research on this. I am very driven by facts and data. If I saw research that says voter fraud is a problem in affecting the outcome of elections, then I would be on your side in a heartbeat, but right now, there is no evidence that points to a problem. I guess if you are referring to the Voting Rights Act, the Act said that any state with a history of voter suppression based on race had to run checks before proceeding with any plan to alter their election structures — just to make sure that they are still not carrying out racist policies. But a couple of years ago, certain parts of the Voting Rights Act was altered by the Supreme Court so maybe what you are looking for is coming.

      1. In schools they teach that 3 branches r equal but they’re not – Congress most powerful by design closest to the peeps. Makes one wonder why Congress then purposely messes up over and over…could it be to make peeps beg for a COS…which is what the elites want both sides?

        1. They don’t care who votes or how many times as long as it’s for Democrat socialists. If Republicans complain, it’s voter suppression. I mean, how hard is it to get a photo ID? If you can get to the polling place, you certainly can get to the DMV for a free ID.

        2. There is nothing that disqualifies a person from voting democrat. illegal alien, felony conviction, rigor mortis, are all acceptable conditions.

      1. I would ALSO like to see: ANY candidate for office (certainly federal if not state and local too) MUST take and PASS the same test immigrants take to become citizens. Their scores made public. IF they don’t pass, they can’t run for office.

  5. You can probably blame that on the public schools who do little teaching of the Constitution or American history. Sad stuff.

  6. The three branches of Government are Taxation, Gimme, and Up Yours.

    This article is hate language directed against Inner Cities, illegals, Dreamers, Snowflakes. the diverse, social promotion, Equal Opportunity, Special Needs LGBT+, NFL players, Progressives, substance abusers, the professionally poor…and Chicago’s burgeoning graveyard vote. Government is historic White Protestant patriarchal oppression of Peoples’ of Color and Peoples of Need.

  7. “Fifty-three percent of respondents believed the falsehood that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights,”. ????. Non-citizens are not afforded constitutional rights, Mr. Steingold.

    1. As much as I hate it, they actual are afforded rights. Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, and there’s been some court cases that upheld that. Forgive me if I don’t know them from memory.

      1. SECTION 1

        “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

        While there may be lawyers and judges that act contrary to the Constitution, that does not make their action(s) law. The Constitution should not be subjective. The fact remains that those here illegally are not born or naturalized.

  8. You can be assure that the 75% know all about the ins and outs of our welfare system and can probably name every entitlement program nationwide.

    1. I remember back in 2009 when there was a survey to see if people knew who was who in Washington. Everyone got the first question, “Who is the president?”, but not everyone could answer, “Who is the vice president?” Less than half the people could answer, “Who is the Speaker of the House?” However, almost everyone could answer the question, “Who is Angelina Jolie’s boyfriend?”
      I did the survey with the two women in my life, and they correctly answered the first three questions. When asked the fourth, my wife asked, “Who is Angelina Jolie?” and my mother asked, Who cares?”
      I love them!

  9. I don’t blame the people as much as the public school system. It’s all part of a master plan: dumb them down, make them dependent on the government teet, then knowing nothing about the Constitution, will agree that it should be replaced, and the leftist deconstructionists will get to finish what they’ve been working for since President Wilson.

    1. That is exactly the plan. Trump was just a minor setback. Another generation of indoctrination and it will be all over. And they know it.

    2. the master plan is to make the history of the US and the constitution moot, that way you can strip the sovereignty away. Part and parcel to accelerating this is open borders.
      Do you really think some illiterate breeder from Honduras gives a rats azz about the federalist papers ?

    3. You know, I grew up poor and my parents said “Don’t wait for school to teach you what you need to know. Educate yourself. There are free public libraries everywhere and lots of used books are cheap”. There is NO excuse for being stupid. NONE! We were poor but we had plenty of used books and old books that were written before leftwing totalitarians started trying to rewrite our history. I still have those books today and NO ONE is every going to take them from me!

      1. Kudos to you! I educated myself as well. Unfortunately, there are those in the education-bureaucrat complex who will make excuses ad infinitum for lazy kids.

  10. Republicans and Democrats should see this lack of knowledge as an existential threat to the country and the rights we hold dear. They should demand better civics classes in schools. I dont expect Trump people to get on board because they exploit these institutional weaknesses for their own advancement and are often exploited by it themselves.

      1. That’s easy…all three. 1) Healthcare allows the rats to contact their dealer when they’ve run out of product to sell, or pray tell call 911 when theirs a shooting nearby. 2) Housing allows the recipients and phone vendors a safe space to peddle the free cache of entitlements including the phone. Rehashed another way, it’s the precursor to ‘Urban Development.’ 3) Climate Change pulls the three branches together by providing the built-in excuse for not being accessible to the entitled class due to the normal patterns associated with changes in the seasons, but trying to explain to the low information populace that cow farts and human flatulence and gasoline are the greatest threats to their livelihood.

        1. Obviously. I was speaking of the branches offered by borgcube: Healthcare, Housing and Climate Change. Please refer to the post to which one is responding. And MAGA to you.

  11. This study is a condemnation of our educational system. Liberal leadership in education has removed civics as a required class for graduation in most districts. This is the root cause of a failure to know – failure to teach! Curriculum should be mandated to teach US civics, our government structure, how our government works, and most importantly our individual rights guaranteed by our Constitution. If more students were taught, more would be informed. Remove your head of education at the local level if they do not support Civics required education. It is up to each of us to protect our rights and it all starts at the local level.

  12. That should be easy. There’s the Branch Of Graft and Bribery, the Branch For Mistrusting Citizens and Abusing Them, The Branch of War and Use of Our Citizens As Cannon Fodder. Then, of course, there is the new Branchs Of Lying, Globalization, ISIS Alliance.

    The sad fact is, we don’t have a government any more. What we have is an organized crime syndicate.

  13. Ok so everyone wants to blame the schools and educational system, well let me tell you that is only a small part of the problem. As the saying goes you can not make a silk purse out of a sow ear, YOU CAN NOT MAKE STUPID PEOPLE SMART. YOU JUST CAN NOT. WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO NOT LEARN, DON’T COME TO SCHOOL OR JUST SOCIALIZE AND NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT BECAUSE THAT IS INFRINGING ON THEIR RIGHTS WHAT YA GONNA DO?

  14. This is why there should be a license required to vote which is obtained by passing a basic test on the structure of the US government and why it was created that way. You have to pass a test to get a drivers license and voting is of far more importance that driving. And while we’re at it, mandatory civics classes in all public schools.

    1. Driving is not a right. Voting is.

      If you want to make an apples to apples comparison, it would be the requirement to possess photo ID and pass an FBI background check to purchase a gun, (owning a gun IS a right), but NOT requiring photo ID to vote.

  15. In addition to this sad news, I’m certain that most, if not all the NFL players who are “taking a knee” at ball games are not registered to vote, nor did they vote in the 2016 election. I know that Colin Kaepernick wasn’t registered nor did he vote in the 2016 election.

  16. This is by design. Schools no longer teach Civics/American Government, or at least if they do, they turn it into a discussion class about what’s wrong with America instead of what’s right. The Left have been ruining public education for decades PRECISELY to bring about the kind of divisiveness we have in this country now. They wanted American society to crumble, so the best way was to start indoctrinating the children on the evils of it.

    1. Teachers across the country have been assigning Howard Zinn’s “The People’s History of the United States” for decades to generations of students in order to undermine patriotism and foment leftist radicalism. Even the New Republic enthusiastically cited his “influential mutilations of American history.” But Zinn certainly had no problem with communism and the Soviet Union. You know, the “people’s paradise.”

  17. The liberal party of hate. Hate for exceptional white men and their white guilt has shamed the people of this country into this idea of liberal social engineering. We have Black History Month, Women’s History Month, where the Constitution and white men are not discussed. Do any of you liberals know who these white men are?

    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Nikola Tesla
    Dr. Jonas Salk
    Albert Einstein
    Thomas Edison

    Political Correctness has polluted this country. No longer is it acceptable to be exceptional, we all have to meet lower standards to allow women and minorities to participate.

    1. Yup, and Milton Freidman, and Ludwig von Mises, and Frederic Bastiat, and Etienne de la Boetie, etc, etc, etc.

  18. And that many not knowing about the 3 branches is why they’re merging into one right before our eyes. There … you can’t say it any better than that.

  19. Your own knowledge of the Constitution is lacking. Rights are not “endowed” or “accorded” by the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights recognized that human beings are born with rights and prohibits the government established by the Constitution from infringing on those rights.

  20. “We the people” does not mean illegals. It means “We the people” of the United States, those born here.

    Looks like you don’t know as much as you think either.

  21. This clearly shows the poor education that is being presented in this country. Wow! I learned all this in high school. If this is what the public schools are putting out, then everyone parent needs to get his child out of the public schools and into private education or home schooling. It is absolute ignorance that only one out of three people can name the branches of government. I bet these same individuals can name all the music and movie stars though. America is going down the tubes rapidly.

  22. The Annenberg study’s press release points out that conservatives were “significantly” more likely than liberals and moderates to be able to name all 3 branches of government — not just “more” likely. No surprise there.

  23. If schools actually taught kids something instead of indoctrinating them into homosexuality and believing in “global warming” and being “pc”, maybe people in the USA wouldn’t be morons.

    Other countries like the Netherlands and Finland are at the top of education while we are pretty far down.

  24. Liberals took over the government schools, their plan to indoctrinate, and teach students about nonsense. Rotting the country from the inside out.

  25. Civics, et. AL. should be part of getting your drivers license renewed! Sorry, you don’t know the rules of the road OR our country. NO LICENSE FOR YOU! NEXT!

  26. “While conservatives were more likely to be able to name all three branches than liberals or moderates…”

    Wait a second! I thought that liberals keep claiming that conservatives are the ones who are ignorant and uneducated.
    Then again, liberals are in control of the vast majority of schools, (both primary and secondary education), so if Americans are ignorant, just whose fault would THAT be?

  27. People should be required to pass a civics test before earning voting rights. Same as new citizens are required to do (supposedly). Also Gun Rights and Voting Rights should be tied together DIRECTLY. If you lose one, you lose the other as well. Cultural Marxists will tie themselves into logical knots trying to give felons voting rights, while keep law-abiding Americans unarmed.

    1. Current gun laws actually make a great argument FOR voter ID! You need a photo ID and a FBI background check to purchase a gun from a dealer, but they claim that requiring a photo ID to vote is “racist.” Both are Constitutional rights, yet one requires and ID and the other doesn’t.

  28. Home schooling is required to honestly educate. Government school systems are worse than failures…..they are nothing but communist propaganda and indoctrination.

  29. The dumbing down of the American populace by the Leftist uneducators is almost complete. The populace, as an ignorant fool, is now ready to be led as a sheep to the slaughter.

    1. Very true, because government schools fulfill every requirement needed to take America down. Just Google the Communist Manifesto….

  30. Who knew that Idiocracy was a prophetic documentary?

    As a past high school physics teacher, I can say that this survey is not surprising. We need a fundamental change in our education system.

  31. When the Carter Admin created the Dept of Education one of their first orders of business was to remove civics from the curriculum of most public schools. That effectively ended teaching our children how the government works, along with teaching them what their rights and responsibilities as American citizens are. Then they removed any meaningful American history so our children were not taught about patriotism and love of country…ALL of this was purposely done in order to dumb down society enough that convincing many that capitalism and conservatism are evil…

  32. I’d love to see the results of a “man-on-the-street” survey on this, but I’ll bet well over 95% of Americans don’t know where America’s founders got the idea for 3 branches of government.
    (Isaiah 33:22)

  33. That’s an easy question. The three branches of our government are the CIA, NSA and FBI. You were expecting executive, legislative and judicial? It hasn’t been that way in more than 16 years.

  34. This is what Democrats are counting on, a low-information, clueless society that believes they will be given everything for free.

  35. I bet most of the 26 percent that know the 3 branches of government are older than 40. Maybe they should start teaching American History instead of Johnny wants to be a Jill now and that’s okay.

  36. The dumber the populous, the smarter I appear.
    The major drawback is that the majority of these ignoramuses will be voting for our future politicians.

  37. WHy would anyone ever defend a system or country they do not understand? But then, I guess that is the entire point and purpose of the democratic party.

  38. Just one more fine example of how our unionized teachers are helping to dumb down future generations.

    They’ll be well versed in Bradley has two daddy’s, or how to perform various sexual acts, and how white men are to blame for everything wrong in America, but not so much on civics, or how our country works.

    Nice going.

  39. If there was a basic civics test to require voting the voter rolls would be cut by 70%. You want to blame someone? Blame the leftist that set the standards and indoctrinate, excuse me, “educate”, these idiots.

  40. I am not surprised. The liberal elites and the democrats have virtually destroyed our public education system, once the greatest education system in the world.

  41. Demonstrates a fundamental problem with our nation. An educated, informed and engaged electorate is critical to maintaining a Republic, without it the Republic is lost. Whatever happened to basic Civics class in schools?

    1. It was taken out for more important needs, like transgender acceptance and how to apply for public aid (might think I am joking, but the second example is a class in the great, striving community of East St Louis, Illinois)

  42. They might not know all three branches, but they stopped showing them the pledge in schools – public education has a lot to congratulate itself for!

  43. Forced diversity and continued immigration will be the death of the US. This once great country, of which I am a seventh generationer, cannot stand much longer.

    1. I totally agree. Half of me is generated (proper term?) back to 1680, the other half….have no idea, they didn’t keep records back that far (Comanche)

  44. This is what happens when you stop teaching the basics and start teaching political correctness. Just one more failure of the public school system.

  45. What’s so “shocking”? Liberals infested the education system years ago with revised history, no civics classes, outcome based education, no grading standards, no classroom discipline, and common core math. The result is at least two generations of indoctrinated idiots who know nothing about government, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers. They’re more interested in Safe Spaces, “Womyns Studies”, and interfering with the free speech of others.

  46. They might not know all three branches, but they stopped showing them to take the pledge in schools – socialist America-deprecating methods have dulled the wits of many!

    1. TMZ keeps removing this. So, here. I went back and found this in article from 2 months ago that I commented on.

      DJT is a RACIST! His history is known. Donald has plenty of examples.

      1.) He lied about his daddy being arrested for wearing KKK attire and attacking Catholics.
      2.) The TWO housing discrimination lawsuits. Yes, we do know the details. The government laid them out. You just don’t want to believe them.
      3.) John O’Donnell said Trump called black people lazy. Trump said “the stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably true.” Trump said this in a Playboy interview in 1991.
      4.) A Jewish real estate broker said on TV…TV that Fred Trump and a young Donald came into the Jewish real estate guy’s office, and Fred Trump told him that they don’t rent to “n-words.” The broker said he looked at Donald, and Donald shook his head up and down.
      5.) The Central Park Five. Donald to out full-page ads in 4 newspapers against those boys. And when it was found out that they were innocent Donald didn’t even apologize. He came at them with viciousness. He still said they were guilty in OCTOBER of last year when DNA tests proved they weren’t guilty. The city paid the guys $41 mil.
      6.)Trumped called “Django Unchained” the MOST RACIST FILM ever b/c Jamie Foxx’s character said “I can kill whites and get paid for it. What’s not to like about it?” Django was a dramedy! It wasn’t even serious. Django was a SLAVE! Not to mention that the character was going after EVIL slave owners. That’s the MOST RACIST film Donald has ever seen?!! Really??!
      7.) Randall Pinkett who the Apprentice season 4 called Donald a racist. Randall said that he was the only black person to ever attend a manager’s meeting in his entire year with Trump’s company.
      8.) Miss Teen USA, who was black at the time, said that she was told by her handlers for the pageant that Trump didn’t like blacks and for her not to take it personally.
      9.) Kip Brown said all of the blacks were ordered off of the floor in Trump’s casinos when Trump came b/c Trump didn’t like blacks.
      10.) Trump publicly pitched what was essentially “The Apprentice: White People vs. Black People.”
      11.) He called an American judge a Mexican who couldn’t do his job properly b/c he was “Mexican.”
      12.) He asked for Barack’s transcripts. I haven’t seen Donald offer up his transcripts or those of his kids.

      Trump’s a racist! Get over it.

  47. Does anyone actually believe this Republic can survive this generation and their immediate progeny? Anyone? Anyone?

  48. What they don’t tell you is that 1/3 of the population can’t speak english either and are most likely illegals.

  49. I’m shocked people do not know the three branches of government: The Supreme Court, The Court of Appeals; and the various District Courts. As we are living in a post Constitutional period, the Legislative and Executive branches do not matter.

  50. By all means, send even more money into our failed, union run publik edukashun sistem. One look at the NAEP report card site explains everything. When you have only 11% of 12th graders testing proficient in history and less than half testing at even a basic level, it is time to upend the system and give parents real choice, and the NEA real competition.

  51. This is EXACTLY what the anti-American democrat party has strived for – eliminating “inconvenient” Constitutional knowledge, so the lemmings can be taught revisionist history.

  52. Let’s see by a show of hands why this study is not surprising.
    These American people aren’t too ignorant, many of them know where to purchase pot, alcohol, fast food, where to find the latest gossip on social media, and where to find a big screen TV.
    The story makes it sound like all American people are numb above the neck.

  53. No surprise at all that conservatives are much more knowledgeable than liberals, in spite of the numerous phony left wing surveys that try to paint a false picture showing the opposite.

  54. Chuck Schumer, the erstwhile Senator from the Soviet Socialist Republic of NY, couldn’t even answer this successfully during a TV interview back in 2011.

    He authoritatively references the House, Senate, and the President!!!! Way to go Chuckles, no Supreme Court, no Judiciary. HHHmmmm, and he’s the Senate minority leader. Go figure.

  55. I’m certain more students today know how to put a condom on a banana than know the three branches of government. Its sad that public education has devolved into an indoctrination incubator. By the time they reach college many are just reduced to malleable mush.

      1. LMAO, that would make all the leftists assassins of congressmen and police. I think that is the hardest thing for the group thinkers not to be able to accept, while they label all on the right for one, they instantly turn into hypocrites if you mention the violent criminal members and murderers on the left. I guess that is how Democrats work though, without being able to throw identity politics in one direction, they would be able to see themselves for who they truly are.

        1. maybe you got your first post wrong… did you mean that the 1/4 that CAN identify the 3 branches are the conservatives?

  56. Thanks, public education system. You’ve done a wonderful job at creating a nation of idiots. Of course, these people were undoubtedly educated by schools about anaal (sic) sex at the age of 8, so the school systems probably consider themselves a “success” at that.

  57. So who runs the education system of the US, that’s right the left. It was obama who clearly stated many times, that for the democrat party to be successful, it needed a constituency of under educated people that depended on the government for help in many areas.

  58. And public schools continue to demand more money every year to educate our children. What they are really doing is filling their heads with socialist propaganda and dumbing them down. Liberal radicals have infested the education system because they cannot make it in the real world.

  59. And so why do they need too?….the media does all their thinking for them. All they have to do is BELIEVE!!!

  60. Could it be that guys will not go to today’s colleges because they don’t want to get indoctrinated by testicle bashing women and socialist teachers? I have three degrees flew combat for the Navy, airlines after retirement. I will never recommend a guy now go to college. Get into industrial education and make more money without the PC B.S.

  61. Unfortunately, the schools teach gender identity rather than Civics/Government classes. Something needs to change!


  63. When public schools stop teaching government classes and alter history classes this is what you get. Time for a “Voting for Dummies” book.

  64. I worry that some voters think the three branches of government are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost – as long as a Democrat’s in the White House.

  65. This is a commentary on the quality of the education or lack of by our schools today. Civics and history seem to be overlooked.

  66. Is there any hope for the republic or are we soon doomed to be broken up into warlord states or taken over by a foreign power. Who would fight for this country at this point and for whom/what would one be fighting for? I will just take a knee while waiting for an answer.

  67. Maybe the 1/4 of Americans aren’t really American? My guess is they might know the branches of government of various Latin American countries.

      1. Wow, my brain must have rejected my initial reading as being totally implausible. You’re right. It is worse than I thought. A large percentage of foreigners is not the only problem. Apparently American children aren’t taught to be Americans either. This can’t bode well for the future.

        1. I went to the elementary school science fair with a neighbor and her young children who attended that school. This was science class. Not Hawaiian mythology class. The kids were taught the rainbow was a result of Pele tossing her beautiful flower lei into the sky. The flowers colors broke away and waalaa! the rainbow. Yep, science class for 3rd graders in the Aloha State

  68. Quite frankly, illegal aliens should only have 3 rights while in America. The right to be given the basic needs to live, to be treated humanely while in detention, and the right to a quick deportation back home. Nothing more.
    Anyhow, this article proves the point as to why we still need the E-C today. There’s simply too many ignorant and uneducated people out there who possess a weapon a national destruction. The ability to vote recklessly.

  69. An uneducated person cannot defend liberty, but will demand absolutely everything from the government while they forfeit it. Our founding fathers knew this, as did radical communists, and that’s why they began the take-over of education in this country sixty years ago.

    For more see: Common Core, “Gender Studies,” sex-ed in pre-school, trans-children, and other self-evident truths.

  70. …while 37 percent couldn’t even name a single right endowed by the First Amendment.

    There are no rights endowed by the First Amendment. The 1st Amendment prohibits certain government activities.

  71. The reason they can’t..the liberals have removed American History from our schools. Most can’t write their own name or do math without a calculator.

  72. This shows why liberals are so vehemently opposed to teaching people about the Constitution. They prefer their people to be dependent and uninformed.

  73. If there was a basic civics test to require voting the voter rolls would be cut by 70%. You want to blame someone? Blame the leftist that set the standards and indoctrinate, excuse me, “educate”, these idiots.

  74. This is cultivated ignorance, courtesy of a progressive-dominated school system determined to turn out badly educated people incapable of thinking for themselves, and thus requiring dependency on government to get by.

  75. What else do you expect? We have a subversive educational curriculum that disparages and ignores America and history rather than celebrating American values and history. Our kids are being turned away from freedom and directed towards the false narrative of equality and multiculturalism’s failed notion of cohesion.

  76. Less than one-in-three Americans can find Afghanistan on a map.. yet we have been at war there 16 years and flushed $5 trillion down a big sewer in the sand. The MSM (Deep State) makes sure zero truth reaches the masses so the Matrix can continue undisturbed.

  77. A state should secede and implement an outright property ownership requirement of at least 2 acres to vote. Hopefully, eventually, only white male property owners would be allowed to vote, but this would be a good start.

  78. The three branches are executive, legislative, and judicial. I usually play dumb for these types of questions too. I want the poor schlubs doing the survey to feel like their life isn’t a total waste.

  79. This should be NO surprise to anyone, although it should be a wake up call. It’s all due to Public Education or Diseducation as it is, and it’s by design. It’s so much easier to eliminate the Rights of the People when they are unaware of what their rights are. The Left understands this and has been working nonstop for 60 yrs. to bring us to the point where we are no longer willing to fight to retain our rights. Many States require a permit to exercise your guaranteed 2nd Amend. right. Often a permit is req. to exercise the Right to Free Speech. How long before a permit is req. to attend church? We are on the proverbial slippery slope and losing our footing.

  80. Well if this survey is even halfway correct all those people ignorant of basic high school civics are committing voter fraud everytime they cast a ballot…

  81. Wow those must be the uneducated folks that vote for Democrat that Lebron James talks about that keep lying to blacks about all the things they are going to do for them if they vote for them. Then they vote for them, and of course, the Democrats do nothing until they need their vote again. But you know Lebron James said it and I love it when idiots call other people stupid. He had a way to got to college but could not cut it. They claim he was a “C” student ( wink wink nod nod.)

  82. This the results of universities not teaching but being a liberal/progressive/communist collection of useful idiots that fail to do their job and teach. Instead they promote an ideology that is killing this country. Democrats have made being a victim and a freeloader a way of life for majority of any minority in the country. Schools aren’t in the business of teaching they are in the business of brain washing. Especially at the university level. Any graduate of high school or a university should be able to sue if they can’t name the three branches of our government.

  83. and this is how easy it is for radicals like bernie sanders to poop out brainless brownshirts ala antifa. Uneducated idiots.

  84. This is what happens when you allow The Left to run your “schools” for a few decades. They’re minting morons by the millions. They need an easy-to-con population to bring about their authoritarian wonderland…

  85. We need to do away with the dept of education. That’s what’s driving the lack of education and moved to liberal indoctrination!

  86. While only 25% of Americans can name all three branches of government, those numbers are skewed, because only .002% of Hillary supporters can do so.

  87. One sentence that speak volumes “While conservatives were more likely to be able to name all three branches than liberals or moderates” I believe most conservatives know the Constitution better than the lemmings on the left that only act out like little spoiled emotional brats.


  89. Ah, so the Fascist Dems succeeded in their remolding public education to create “useful idiots” to serve their political ends (re: Podesta email).

  90. Okay so let me get this straight… Here is the step-by-step process on WHY THE USA WILL NEVER WATCH REAL SPORTS AGAIN:
    -Popular organizations exist in the USA that are 90%-packed with minority/Black-Athletes who each get $10million per year. The NFL/NBA/MLB contracts them for simply chasing a ball around like dogs in fully-packed stadiums. Lots of fans and young children idolize them like gods.
    -These NFL/NBA/MLB organizations rely upon the racist white honky ((Jew))-owned media to provide packed stadiums.
    -One horrible player (who is about to get cut) tries to get all political for the sake of publicity, knowing exactly what the ((Jew))-owned media loves to hear & promote.
    -The ((Jew))-owned media popularizes/fashionalizes this player’s anti-USA protest.
    -All other players believe everything the ((Jew))-owned media tells them, and take a knee, too~ even though there was TEN TIMES less “media-baited” racism “problems” in the USA ten years ago.
    -All loyal citizens of the USA get pissed off at these OVER-PAYED players who do nothing but chase a ball like dogs while having a 5th-grade-level of understanding of governments & human-history…
    …and then there is the fact that they are refusing to participate in ball-chasing ceremonies they are paid for…
    -Keep in mind, this sports-audience is relatively-similar to the national-majority that elected Trump… In this land, it is “majority rule”. This land did not vote BACOZ THEY LIKE TRUMP; this land voted BACOZ THEY ARE TIRED OF ((Jews)) infesting Detroit and other local-politics like termites while doing NOTHING for the black community other than using it every 4 years as a “voter-plantation”.
    -Shame on YOU for presenting us with “Hillary” as the only other option. You wanted Bernie?!? LOL well your Democrat Party is Communist, so their party canceled Bernie out without even CARING what YOU puny citizens wanted! That is how Communist Authoritarianism works. That is how your (((Debbie Wasserman-Schultz))) works… LOL… It is like niggaz be HYPNOTIZED by that ((Jew)) candy.
    -Sports-Stadium turnout now bacomes 30%. The majority of the USA was sick enough of the ((Jew))-monopolized media in the FIRST PLACE, and now everyone is sick of them forcefeeding us “politics” through sports… causing a USA-sports-boycott to begin. What is NEXT?!?… The Food Network going all “political”?!?… Anthony Bordinne taking a knee and refusing to cook shit and eat nasty shit?!?.. Well I guess that puts HIM out of a job, TOO!!!
    -NFL/NBA/MLB Franchises can no-longer afford to pay $10million to each of the minority/Black-Athletes due to the lack of attendance and viewers.
    -Ultimately, minority/Black-Athletes lose… They can all thank Colin Kaepernick (aka Squidward) (aka Canadian Culture-Vulture) (aka Arabic dude raised by rich upper-class Democrat white/Poland parents) (aka “JihadiJohn witness-relocation-program”)…
    -NFL/NBA/MLB crumbles. No more sports.
    -You can thank the racist white honky ((Jew))-owned media for the elimination of sports in the USA… unless their ((Jew)) banker-friends decide to force the government to use YOUR working TAX MONEY to bail them out like they forced the government to bail THEMSELVES out years ago when they should have gone out of business and let the better businesses in the middle-scale pull up for once.
    -((Jews)) destroyed American Football, Basketball, and Baseball~ especially after the new ((Jew))-owners of Disney seized control of ESPN.
    -ESPN was a money-maker~ sustaining itself, and allowing their employees the ethical raises and appreciation expected of a USA Company… until New ((Jew)) Disney seized control.
    -Disney was non-stop losing money, but still funded as an expense for the sake of white ((Jew)) honky social-engineering, by globalist/treasonous ((Jew))-owners for the sake of a global propaganda “uniculturalist” campaign despite their lies of “multiculturalism”. Multiculturalism will be completely GONE within 2 generations of Open Society throughout the planet. Yes, the ((Jews)) want to breed us niggaz into extinction.
    -Disney started milking funds from their new “cash-cow” ESPN. Employee quality-of-life decreases rapidly.
    -ESPN employees all the way down to the office-assistant/receptionist-level begin a mass-Exodus, leaving the organization after numerous “virtual slaps” in the face.
    -The ORIGINAL owner, the “USA-Loyal” Walt Disney is turning in his grave while seeing what the new ((Jew))-owners are doing to his legacy. Even his theme-park Disneyland has turned into crap.
    -Sports in America will meet the same fate as the historic USA and Confederate Statues that the ((Jew))-owned media and their young Democrat “hench-its” (…sorta like hench-men or hench-women, except gender-neutral and ten times more annoying) have destroyed during their ISIS-like/Nazi-like book-burning of USA-history to the point history could repeat itself. No different from ISIS destroying a land’s ANCIENT statues after they conquer it.
    -There is a strong chance that you will never watch sports again, and it is all bacoz of the ((Jew))-media and the sports-boycott they caused which led to bankruptcy of their teams..
    -The year is 2019. The racist white ((Jew)) honkies [like that whiteJew-Hispanic George Zimmerman] have successfully removed sports from both stadium-attendance AND television.
    -That is how I bacame top-ranked in the national RightHook LeftJew Game… Just by thinking about the destruction of USA-Sports Programs the ((Jews)) did got me ranked up to a national-level with 37 FaceTimes so far… The last one’s face bounce off a parking-meter, causing me to almost poop my draws after seeing that!… For my followers and mentorees, I give this advice: Go for the ones with them Jerry-curled sideburns with the tassles hanging out they pockets…
    -The ((Jew))-honkies killed professional sports (starting in 2019) for the USA.

  91. This is a bogus poll. 35% of the country are conservative and conservatives know their history. They must have only polled 1000 liberal dunces. You know the ones, they end up on Jay Leno’s man on the street interviews. It is California after all.

  92. The 14th Amendment has zero to do with illegal aliens. This was a post Civil War Amendment written specifically for freed slaves. The 14th has been bastardized by leftist judges and interpreted by them to apply to anyone in the US. The Constitution was written for and applies to US citizens. Steingold clearly doesn’t know the history behind the Constitution.

  93. I asked my nine year old this question last week. He knew the answer. I then told him that probably half of America didn’t know the answer. Boy, was I wrong! 3/4’s of Americans are that dumb? Sad times ahead.

  94. That’s because half of them are illegal, and the rest are dumber than a bag of hammers, which is just the way the libs want them. If they get too smart, the might turn in their “freebies” for independence and dignity.

  95. Who does Steingold think he is fooling?? There has come to be 4 branches of government – the 3 designed by the Fathers, and the 4th, although not designed, certainly at least as powerful as the other 3 – the Bureaucracy.

    The failure for the Fathers to envision this 4th branch is one of the few mistakes the Fathers made, but a dramatic one.

  96. How about you try some of those studies in WE fly over states in rural communities. You’ll see a difference.

  97. Teachers need to lose their retirement funds over this. What the h*ll did we pay them for? Pay the kids to learn and pass the tests. No more foolin’ around.

  98. When school teachers actually taught a ridged class, no spending time indoctrination of children to their political beliefs, kids learned. Now school is where the leftist Nazi teach kids, like what is going on in Berkley, Ca, , that they can deny people freedom of speech by threat of violence. USCB is just one example. Why teach government to kids when the teachers just use the schools as a platform for the leftist Nazi propaganda ?

    Kids graduate with no knowledge, even college graduates cannot answer these questions, because teachers spread thier version a leftist Nazi propaganda machine

  99. No wonder the country is such a mess. Disgraceful. But what do you expect when the emphasis is on replacing multi-generational Americans with 3rd world immigrants.

  100. This is the major problem with diversity as practiced in these times…people coming to the U.S. as adults, especially, have no life-long framework for the traditions, literature, language, and culture of the country. This is not a moral failing, it is just reality—the same thing could be said for many Americans were they to emigrate to a foreign country without study and preparation. When you “hit the ground” in a whole other sphere you have no inculcated interest in the history of that new country before the day you got there, and with some exceptions you will not study the history and culture of the new country. And so it goes. And since our nation doesn’t stress the need for such things they are not incorporated into the newcomers’ educational system—although mandatory classes in such would help, but we are loathe to force people to indulge in such.

  101. “Fifty-three percent of respondents believed the falsehood that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights, while 37 percent couldn’t even name a single right endowed by the First Amendment.”

    Yes, most Americans don’t know how illegal aliens sued (Plyer v Doe) to force Americans to educate their illegal alien children, and how our Judical branch betrayed us by siding with the illegals. After that 1982 ruling, every illegal alien who brought their children here did so to steal from the American people.

    Depending on the location, it costs eight thousand to 20 thousand dollars per year to educate a child. So, for a K-12 education, the illegal alien parents of each “DREAMer” screwed the American taxpayers out of 100 thousand to over 200 thousand dollars. We have Americans in prison for stealing far less. But, instead of punishment, our government will reward the parents by granting legalization to their illegal alien children, “We’ve spent all this money to educate them, we can’t deport them now.”

    It won’t, of course, stop with the “DREAMers”. “We can’t separate families”, so the illegal alien parents will be allowed to stay, the grandparents will be brought in, along with nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and all the people they’ve ever had intercourse with. This will all be the fault of our Judical branch forcing Americans to educate illegal alien children.

    If the children of Bernie Madoff couldn’t keep what he stole, I don’t think the “DREAMers” should be allowed to keep what their parents stole. If the children of apprehended bank robbers can’t keep what their parent stole, then illegal alien children shouldn’t be allowed to keep what their illegal alien parents stole. They should return to their home countries and use their stolen education to make those countries better.

  102. There should be some requirement of having a basic understanding of our government in order to vote. It’s a crying shame that many of those who exercise their right to vote are to frucking ignorant to even know the three branches of our government. Shameful. I’d bet another large number of voters don’t even know the capitol of the state in which they vote, the states senators, or their district congressman, etc. And these are the dumb mo-fos voting to fill the position of the most powerful position on the world. It’s more difficult to get a hunting license to go into the woods and kill animals than to register to vote. It’s really frucked up and getting worse!!!!

  103. Well, this is what happens when around a third of the people walking around in America are not Americans. I wouldn’t do well on a test of Mexican laws if they stopped me on the street there.

    (Wait, do they have laws in Mexico?)

    Also, nice job on avoiding telling us exactly what the difference was between liberals and conservatives on the question of being able to name the three branches of government. My guess is that the gap is substantial and revealing and that’s why they won’t tell us what it is.

    Wrong answers given by liberals to the question of what the three branches of government are:

    -unicorns and rainbows
    -like, legalize it, man….
    -(checks iPhone) “Wait, what was the question?”
    -“There are three?”

  104. That is because teaching kids about our country and it’s three forms of government might considered a microaggression to those who climbed over a fence illegally and view this country as their own.

  105. This proves that our public education system has failed miserably. We spend more per capital than any other country but our failing to provide a real education. Liberals are responsible for this morass.

  106. Yea no kidding . They stopped teaching history 30 years ago. Go to you kids school and see the leftist propaganda they teach there. That’s why you have a generation on morons out there voting for criminal democrats and pulling down statues of Columbus. GO TO YOUR KIDS SCHOOL AND ASK TO SEE THE CURRICULUM

  107. It all started with the inception of teachers’ unions. Break the unions, and the people who pay the taxes will be back in charge of determining what is taught to our children and who gets to teach it..

  108. It’s a deep state liberal plan not to teach our youth about civics, “if you don’t know your rights, how easy is it to take them away from you.”
    A well educated populous, a populous who questions authority, is a populous that is hard to fool. We are teaching a bunch of snowflakes that don’t challenge what they are taught, told to parrot their educators.

  109. If only we had tripled real per student spending over the last 40 years. Oh wait, we have with no aggregate improvement in performance and some frightening declines. At least the democrat party has enjoyed a massive increase in campaign contributions from teacher’s unions, so I guess this is okay, at least with them.

  110. A friend of mine has a son who is a junior in high school taking an American history class. He (the son) says it’s all a joke. They’ve been talking about nothing but slavery since the beginning of the year. No revolutionary war. No preceding English history. No Jamestown. No civil war. No formation of the colonies. No constitutional assembly. Nothing but slavery.

  111. The three branches of government are: “We the people”, “The States” and the Federal government. Comprised of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The author of this article needs to go back to civics class in high school.

  112. “Protecting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution presupposes that we know what they are. The fact that many don’t is worrisome,” says Kathleen Hall Jamieson
    Yet school children know the divisive politics (hate speech, minority groups, inclusiveness mantras, alternative lifestyles …) very well. What they don’t know are the basics of a useful education (Reading, writing, math, science, history …). It seems the NEA and teacher’s unions have purposefully failed them while supporting the socialists.

  113. Ignorance at dangerous levels… And, if I’m not mistaken, the liberal democrats have been controlling FOREVER the school systems where you’re seeing the worst of this… Look at Chicago… The place is like a war zone and the mayor is going after Chic-fil-A.

  114. “Fifty-three percent of respondents believed the falsehood that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights”

    “In reality, illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. are usually afforded a number of rights, including protection under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.”

    It’s not a falsehood. I know the Constitution well enough to know that if you’re born here or naturalized, then you are a citizen. Then you have rights. If you’re an illegal alien, then you have no rights. And if you are privileged by your neighbor with what USUALLY appears as rights, then you’re under a measure of grace. That is all.

    Don’t go spouting falsehoods of your own.

    You who wrote this article are nuts. Just plain nuts.

  115. “respondents believed the falsehood that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights”

    “illegal immigrants … are usually afforded”

    So which is it? A right or a privilege?

  116. This article is part of the problem definitely not part of the solution. Where ther author failed is to read into their own opinion. The 14th starts off with
    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States”
    Later in the amendment it says “all people” they assume that “all people” means illegal aliens when you look at the beginning it clearly states “all persons BORN or NATURALIZED.
    No where does it mention illegal immigrants born here is clearly defined as well as naturalized.
    Just like this author so many who think they know what the constitution says actually read their opinion into it. Read it as what was written not how your opinion thinks it says.

  117. American voters, ignorant and dumb. Just the way politicians like ’em. Hey, look over there, an athlete is standing, sitting or standing on his head. That’s what they want you to think is important. Pathetic and very sad.

    1. You are right. I guarantee you that every student in that one room schoolhouse in the 1800s knew the three branches of government.

  118. I guess we can chalk this up to UNION teachers and liberal indoctrination. This also has led to young people being afraid of WORDS, and needing a safe space, away from the real world. Any other reasons not to STOP liberal indoctrination as bad for our country?

    1. definitely civics. a test should be given upon voter registration with the basics of our republic. if a citizen can’t pass it because they are that indifferent or that stupid, they should be denied franchise.

  119. My 11 year old can answer this. Are you educating your kids or leaving it to the schools? Table talk at dinner is a good thing.

  120. That’s because they have changed. What used to be the Executive writes laws, until recently at an alarming rate. The Supreme Court is the littlest legislature, they write laws, too. The Legislative seems to preen and strut, but don’t appear to serve any useful function, the appendix of government, so to speak. Except that the appendix is thought to store gut flora, so the Legislature is perhaps less useful than the appendix.

  121. the fact is they haven’t taught civics in schools in at least 25 years…and this is the end result. a bunch of antifa idiots praising chairman mao and not understanding how the gov’t actually functions. trump isn’t a dictator you pathetic morons…if he was, most of you idiots would already be rounded up.

  122. consider that media matters remains tax exempt because they are an educational service for voters.
    how are they still tax exempt?

  123. I’m guessing most people who know one or more of the provisions in the First Amendment don’t understand that I can tell them to shut the **** up and not be infringing upon their First Amendment rights. “Congress shall make no law” doesn’t apply to me as an individual.

  124. Three branches of government:
    1) Welfare office
    2) Unemployment office

    I can only think of two.

    Maybe the third is the police. That is where they take the money back.

  125. No doubt Hussein Obuckethead hasn’t a clue what the three branches are, nor would he care! All Obama needed was his pen and phone to justify legislation!

  126. Illegal aliens (foreigners invading the U.S.A.), don’t have constitutional rights, they aren’t citizens. Sadly, we’ve been forced to open up the 5th amendment, because there are so many criminal illegal aliens. The fact not every American knows the 3 branches of government, is abhorrent!

  127. Good article, but the First Amendment does not “endow us with Rights” rather protects our rights from government intervention/ control. The fact is, most people don’t know their “rights” and feel that government is our friend who gives them to us.

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