Nearly quarter of undocumented immigrants have mental disorder, study finds

HOUSTON — Undocumented Mexican immigrants living near the California-Mexico border experience increased rates of clinical depression and anxiety, a new study finds.

Researchers at Rice University examined the incidence of mental illnesses and substance abuse among 250 individuals within this stressed population, finding that 23 percent met the DSM’s criteria for having a mental disorder.

Depressed women
A new study finds that nearly a quarter of undocumented immigrants are battling depression, anxiety, or another mental disorder.

Fourteen percent of the study’s participants were found to have major depressive disorder (MDD), while eight and seven percent had panic or generalized anxiety disorders, respectively.

Some were determined to have suffered from multiple conditions concurrently.

“The estimates obtained in this study for depression and anxiety disorders were considerably higher in this population when compared with estimates for the general U.S. population,” says lead author Luz Garcini in a university news release.

Namely, one major study shows that seven percent of Americans suffer from MDD, while three percent suffer from a panic or anxiety-related disorder.

These findings came despite the related finding that aliens residing in the U.S. did not demonstrate increased levels of substance abuse.

“This finding defies existing stereotypes that contribute to stigmatization of and discrimination against Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. without documentation as a population with high prevalence of substance use,” Garcini explains. “These individuals are unlikely to engage in substance use because it increases their risk for deportation and it interferes with their productivity at work.”

The researchers believe that a number of stressors, including stigmatization, language barriers, fear of deportation, family separation, and discrimination, are culprits for the deteriorated mental health of many migrants.

Compounding matters, undocumented individuals rarely have access to adequate mental health services, the researchers say.

“Additional research and funding are needed to document the devastating effects of the current socio-political context on the mental health of immigrants living in the U.S. without documentation, which is needed to inform advocacy, policy and intervention efforts,” Garcini concludes.

The study’s findings will be published in a future issue of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.


  1. Credulity on parade. The DSM criteria for what constitutes a mental illness (and hence what allows the industry to milk insurance) are so ridiculously broad that any one of us qualities for one crazy or another. This is simply bad reporting in the service of an industry with a clear agenda and willing stooges in academia to cook up “research.”

    1. That is likely a correct diagnosis on your part but it does not change the fact the average illegal alien has a 3rd grade education at best and that second and third generation Mexican and Central American immigrants tend to have LESS education that the highest level attained by their parents! That is not a trend that is going to prove beneficial to the US or to US citizens.

  2. Sounds like Castro’s boat lift . Castro emptied jails and mental institutions, and sent them to America. Probably what other countries are doing to save money….

      1. IS that an extreme blow up of a liberals brain? They are so tiny and unused that I’m not sure that they really exist.

          1. Illegal aliens have depression because they know they are living outside the law: it’s called GUILT. Solution: Pack up and relocate to the country of your citizenship. Consider your free education, meals, and welfare from the United States taxpayer our gift to you as you use your knowledge and skills to improve your home country. AMERICA IS ABOUT TO SHUT THE DOOR ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE LEGAL IMMIGRATION, SO IT’S BETTER TO MAKE TRAVEL PLANS NOW!

        1. They used those tools that can write the bible on the head of a pin to label the various defective parts.

      1. “The researchers believe that a number of
        stressors [sic], including stigmatization, language barriers, fear of
        deportation, family separation, and discrimination, are culprits for the
        deteriorated mental health of many [undocumented] migrants.”

        They return to their home country and the stress is no longer there. We support and encourage legal immigration, but illegal immigration is a crime and punishable under our laws.

        1. Let’s just sum it up, OK – every day they are lawbreakers. That would make anyone have a mental disorder.

        2. And I would say PC culture, fear of common sense, mother separation, self-loathing and hate for diverse opinions are culprits in the deteriorating mental health of Democrats and Liberals.

    1. We need to stop talking about comprehensive immigration reform and start talking about comprehensive EMIGRATION reform.

    2. that’s racist. or homophobic. or both.. or something, who knows what they will call you for even THINKING that common sense schnit.

  3. Only a quarter of them? That’s fantastic! Home grown liberals tend to be 100%, or darn close. Talk about making progress!

  4. Only 25%?? I won’t be satisfied until the pressure from ICE gives 100% of these CRIMINALS (a word we all used to understand) the heebie-jeebies and they go home or to a maximum security prison with no privileges and 30 minutes a day outside their cells. This starts, by the way, with throwing a bunch of American corporate executives who hire them in prison, and throwing away the key.

  5. By the looks of the other “articles” referenced above this “” appears to be a liberal propaganda fake news site.

  6. Nearly a quarter of illegal aliens have mental disorder? How can this be? But the media and Democrats have told us they are all geniuses ready to find a cure for cancer if only given the opportunity after graduating from medical school Summa Cum Laude. I am shocked.

  7. “Nearly Quarter Of Undocumented Immigrants Have Mental Disorder”

    That explains why libs like them, they have so much in common.

  8. Back before the 1950’s if you came into Ellis Island with a sniffle you were sent back. Now we import exotic diseases as well as the pathological discards from the originating country. Obviously they have an answer to psychiatric deinstitutionalization.

    1. My thoughts exactly. IDK why we’re all worried about the illegal immigrant mental disorders. We have a much bigger problem with the liberals. They’re the ones voting for the illegal immigrants to come here and stay. That in itself is insane to me. What about the “other” citizens that make up over half the country? I suppose we don’t have a voice until we force it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as proven by the groups Obumhole gave attention to.

  9. A quarter of all illegal immigrants have a mental disorder (“undocumented”, my arse…. effin illegal!). Four quarters of all liberals have a mental disorder. I don’t think mental disorders in illegal immigrants are our top concern with those numbers.

  10. Sure they do! They claim to have all kinds of distress so they can get on disability, ssi etc. They also claim their kids have all kinds of problems. This brings in extra payments and special privileges. Not buying it.

  11. I will tell you what is stressing them. Since Reagan gave the first wave amnesty in ’85 they have flooded in demanding amnesty II and stolen untold working taxpayer dollars in benefits from the land at the end of the yellow brick road. The trailer living avocado grove illegal workers next to me each used to receive government checks of over $1,300 a month and free MediCal medical cards, which I am sure is even more today. How do I know? Sometimes the mailman would put their checks and cards in my box by accident. Now the tide is shifting with taxpayer pushback and the freebies are starting to cost them some grief. Go fund all the studies you want, but the free ride glory days they have had is starting to pass and they don’t know how to get it back.

    They won’t voluntarily return to the country they Western Union their excess dollars to until they are made to get leal and pay taxes along with the rest of us.

    1. The INS should confiscate every dollar and asset they have when they catch them as fruits from illegal activity just like they do with drug dealers.

  12. “Additional research and funding are needed to document the devastating effects of the current socio-political context on the mental health of immigrants living in the U.S. without documentation, which is needed to inform advocacy, policy and intervention efforts,” Garcini concludes.
    Looks like they just want funding but the “intervention efforts” should be Deportation. It will cure what ails them.

    1. Better get ready because Ryan and the boys are going to include DACA in the December spending Bill and it will get worse from there

      1. Afraid you’re right. Trump has failed to do anything on immigration he promised. These days I’m just falling back on “at least it ain’t the pantsuit C*nt”.

  13. Rich kid school (Rice U) brats doing their Live Action Role Playing as Humanitarians. Of course every aztec who took their little tests responded for maximum Poor Me.
    F*ck off, we’re full, go home.

  14. OH JOY, by all means let more illegal people into this country to burden an already broken mental healthcare system. The laws already make it next to impossible for family members to get help for their very sick family. Insurance is expensive or unattainable still for many in the USA. In many states there are no MENTAL HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, some healthcare systems have 9 MONTH WAITING LISTS, some LEVEL 1 Hospitals can’t even provide enough psychiatrists to provide services for their own employees. By all means flood America with more ILLEGALS AND REFUGEES that require care AMERICANS CANT GET!!!

  15. Im going to say that the iinfo is bogus and just a reason for the illegals to apply for benefits they are not supposed to be getting. It is an avenue into our system of Health Care and Welfare

  16. One of the obvious traits of many Foreign Nationals who flee their countries and come to ours under the shadow of darkness is that they could not get along at home. If you are a successful person in your country you would not sneak in to another. persons country Another trait of FN’s are that they desire to get some of the free goodies that stupid people are giving away free. $10,000 to $15,000 a year education for their Foreign National children, free medical and in some cases free housing oh and free food. Who wouldn’t want all that for free. An their are plenty of good paying jobs since stupid Americans have taught their children that manual labor is for losers. So they make good money building houses while stupid Americans fill cups with coffee and owe thousands in college loans. And stupid Americans gladly provide all this and more free so that they wont be labeled racists even though nearly all of the Foreigners are of the same race, since not many Asians or Blacks are sneaking in.

  17. And we need MORE nut jobs in this country exactly WHY?!?!? We have a chitload of CRAZIES already, we call them democrats!

  18. Depressed because you live in fear of legal repercussions? Simple solution.

    Go home. Apply for visa. Enter with your head held high.

  19. This completely explains why they have that stupid look like they are lost or don’t understand their environment. Let us not forget the immigrant smile for absolutely no reason.

  20. It’s amazing how breaking the law can make one depressed, paranoid, and anxious.

    I guess that’s because they are afraid of having to pay the consequences of their actions, which they committed knowing full well there could be consequences if they got caught. And, to add to it, they had the cruelty of either bringing their children along as they committed the crime, or had children afterward knowing full well that things could get very bad if they get caught.

    No sympathy from me. They brought it on themselves because of making their poor choices. The US should not be paying for any medical care, unless we can bill their native country for it.

  21. If I disregarded the laws of a foreign country and decided to enter and live there illegally I’m sure my stress levels would increase and cause me problems, too. On another note, why do we need information to inform advocacy groups and intervention? American tax payers should not be paying a penny for illegals to live well in our country. This is all beyond absurd now.

  22. They were stress free under Obama but when Trump took office they started freaking. “We luf Senor Obama, but Meester Trump ees baad man. He take away our foot staamps, our yobs and our voting rights. He make me stress when I demand my rights in the streets or to go collect my beneefeets.”

  23. Yawwnnnn …another STUDY… The lead in ought to be “Study claimes..” rather than Study finds….” It would not be surprising if a large portion of the illegal aliens are suffering from some degree of situational depression and a leavening of paranoia both of which might go away if nobody was bad-mouthing them and trying to deport them. This is how people react/respond to real threats and when the treat ends, the phenom goes away.
    Seems likely that the group that made this study up are a bunch of cloud coo-coo liberals whining about the lot of the abused GUESTS but if not, It would just show that right-oriented “researchers’ as just as FOS. I’m stayin’ out of the liberry I herd you could get MobyDick in there.

  24. Finally, the definitive link between liberals and illegal aliens. Mental Disorders. Now that could actually explain the inexplicable attraction..

  25. Nearly Quarter Of Undocumented Immigrants Have Mental Disorder—article

    The illegal thinks America owes them something; free food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care etc.

    The democrat reinforces that misconception with cradle to grave welfare benefits for the illegal and their families in exchange for that precious vote for a democrat at sometime in some future election; and they will get it.

    Arrest, deport, repeat.

  26. Build the damn wall ASAP and throw all these Illegal Invaders out of OUR country!!! That mooslim SOB caused much of this crap!!! It was the absolute worst POS to ever occupy the W/H!!!

  27. 25% have mental disorders, and 20% are criminals, and 25% carry diseases we and our families have no resistance too. So only 30% of these cockroaches are clean. Aint that just wonderfully PEACHY?

  28. Study also shows 100% of the drain on US resources could be cured by deportation.

    The next time you or your family can’t get proper medical attention because that money and time was wasted on an illegal. Thank a liberal.

  29. That explains why the democrats want lots of immigrants, with 25% with a mental disorder that’s democrat voters, Would have to be to explain people voting for Hillary Clinton.

  30. In a sane world, this would be another reason to return them home. But Pelosi, Schumer, et als would argue this as a reason to add illegals to Medicaid/ACA….L

  31. Bu Bu But ..What about the rocket scientists , physicists and curers for Cancer “THE DREAMERS”!!!!! BBBWWAAAHHHHAAA! !

  32. Go back to Mexico and be depressed there. We do not need to be spending taxpayer’s dollars on mental or physical health on these illegal invaders.

  33. WRONG! For the followers of the certifiably psychotic, demon possessed, genocidal [Yeah I have read the CONran.] pedophile it is 100%, and I can prove that.

    What sane man would want 72 virgins?

  34. Someone had to do a study to figure this out? Reality is Mexicans that are educated and normal aren’t clamoring to climb the fence and get into the USA, they are happy to live in Mexico just as an American is happy to live in the US. The Mexicans we get crossing the border are the dregs of Mexico the people that are uneducated and considered worthless by their fellow Mexicans, they pretty much chase them into the US to get them out of Mexico. So of course a lot of them are mentally ill, its cheaper for Mexico to chase the crazies across the border than to care for them.

  35. So they broke the law and now are stressed that they could be caught and forced to pay for their crimes (deported). I guess then bank robbers should be given counseling, as I would imagine it would be stressful as heck living your daily life knowing that you could be busted for breaking the law at any minute. Thieves and pick pockets should get the help they need as well, mind you not to stop or correct their criminal misdeeds in the past, but to deal with the stress and worry over the fact that they may end up paying for their crimes one day.

  36. Anxiety’s not a mental disorder. It is a motivating factor. That said, I think if this is a legitimate scientific study and if it’s free of liberal bias and is not simply trying to make some underlying liberal point, then knowledge of the truth can lead to wiser decisions. I’d like very much to also see a valid and well researched study on the criminal backgrounds of illegal immigrants currently living in America, in order to counter the stupidity and ignorance of the constant refrain in the press that ‘immigrants’ commit fewer crimes than native-born American citizens. Without using the term ‘illegal’ or even the euphemism ‘undocumented’ liberals try to give the impression that illegal immigrants are rarely if ever also criminals, in the face of strong evidence to the contrary. They are currently filling our criminal justice systems and our jails and prisons. So, illegal aliens, in addition to high rates of mental illness, must also have higher rates of criminal backgrounds since illegal entry is really the only choice for a foreign born criminal intent on immigrating to America.

    1. I am a Deplorable-American: homegrown, flag-saluting, armed, self-made, heterosexual, unapologetic. I embrace primacy and dignity of the citizen. I abhor egregious fallibility of the Deep State, its leviathan bureaucracies, and its facile political sepsis. Build skyscrapers not Inner Cities. Eat the world.

      Dive back into your bottle, Hillary.

  37. I can’t say that I’m shocked. They break the law, drag their kids with them, cross the border paying criminal coyotes who typically attack their women and children along the way. When they get here they don’t have legal documentation, they steal SS numbers from citizens and basically commit identity fraud. And the worst thing about it all, Democrats want them to do it so they can one day become Democrat voters..

  38. Nearly Quarter Of Undocumented Immigrants Have Mental Disorder” 75% Republicans? That sounds about right for people who work for a living.

    Bring on three more replaced Supreme Court justices and 125 Federal judicial appointments. Bring on 2018 mid-term elections and 2020 Presidential elections.
    Bring on a drained swamp and America Great Again.

  39. Studies also show they are a drain on the U.S. economy to the tune of 115 billion per years, while contributing on 11 billion.

  40. The stress is self induced. If they weren’t here they could be at home with their families speaking the language they know and prefer with no fear of being found out and deported. Easy solution.

  41. So it’s better to be here and suffer depression than to go home. That speaks volumes for the Mexican culture and also the American culture.

  42. If only one quarter of the illegal immigrants have mental disorders, then their arrival will reduce the relative incidence of mental disorders in America. We know this mathematically because the half the country that voted for Hillary, and then freaked out when she lost, has got to be mentally disturbed.

  43. Nothing new here. First generation immigrants in the past often suffered from Depression. They were separated from relatives by an ocean. Very few had the ability to travel home to visit relatives.

    The pattern, problems and results of a massive wave of immigration is always the same.

    1. And the wall will become the ocean that they can’t cross to visit family. They’ll have to use cell phones like everyone else.

  44. Well, that’s better than the 100% of liberal snowflake fascists Democraps that are mentally ill. As Dr. Savage so eloquently said – “Liberalism is a mental disorder”

  45. Well, that’s a little better than 90% of Democrats who have mental disorders. Maybe the Illegals could help Democrats approach some lower level of mental illness. It’s possible.

  46. I would think it to be natural to be depressed, scared, and anxious when you live illegally in a country that wants to find you and deport you back to the poverty ridden failed society that you came from.

  47. .

    Once again, there’s no mention of the DEA stating that most illegal drugs come through the Mexican border and the Mexican drug cartels are the biggest criminal threat in the United States. They’re silent on the MS-13 gang ravaging streets and neighborhoods throughout LA and America. Instead, we’re always given a tranquil picture of people living in the shadows and doing jobs Americans do not want to do. All this in spite of tens of millions of Americans not having jobs and half of immigrants receiving government programs. There’s no multi-billion dollar figures showing the draining expense on this nation. I don’t recall any articles of visa abuse or foreign entities like China, abusing our educational system. To understand the future, study the past. Throughout history, all multi-ethnic democracies have broken up; almost always in cataclysmic violence.

    1. Every time I use the R word, the post is held for moderation. Even when it’s a joke about Never going full R word.

  48. I’d say the mental illness percentage of liberal idiots who do everything possible to aid and abet the violation of our borders and immigration laws is considerably higher than that of the invaders they hope to turn into state-dependent liberal “voters,” legal or otherwise. Liberalism is, after all, a mental disorder.

  49. What is happening now is just what Castro did to the US in past decades. He emptied his mental hospitals and jails onto the US. A year ago or less, I read that Cuba was flying people to Mexico so they could come to the US through our southern border. This was around the time Obama visited Cuba making out like it was a big deal that a US president visited this enemy country, Cuba.

    Who in their right mind thinks that Cuba was releasing their best and brightest to come to the US. Not I.

  50. Makes sense, especially since they all vote democrat…liberalism is a genetic defect expressed as a mental disorder.

  51. Search for and read works by Nicolai Sennels to better understand the Arabic/Muslim mind. Much twisted psyches there.

  52. Now wonder the open borders democrat party loves them so much, they are mentally ill just like most liberal democrats.

  53. Let’s see… rape trees, muggings, paying a thug (coyote) your entire life savings… I don’t see how that causes mental disorders!!!

  54. Dishonesty precedes feelings of guilt. Duh! When you know you’re guilty and the cops are looking for you, guess what? You are uncomfortable because you might be caught.

    Is that my fault? Or yours?

  55. Whoa, so Trump was right yet again when he said Mexico was sending their worst over the border! Please don’t try to pretend that, to the extent that this study is true about the incidence of mental disorders, they only developed the disorders after they entered the US. No, most of them already had the issues and that is likely why they could not thrive in Mexico and crossed the border.

  56. “The researchers believe that a number of stressors, including stigmatization, language barriers, fear of deportation, family separation, and discrimination, are culprits for the deteriorated mental health of many migrants”
    Easily solved, go home where there is no stigmatization, language barrier, fear of deportation, family separation or discrimination.

  57. The real mental disorder is found in the moron leftists that want them here. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. But much like the camel humpers the left needs more voters.

  58. Perhaps they don’t engage in more substance abuse than the general population, but they have far less qualms about operating vehicles while under the influence than the LEGAL population. If you don’t care about a country’s laws, why worry about drinking and driving?

  59. So here’s a solution–stop inviting them into a no-win, stressful situation.

    Make it easy for them to get home and find some peace.

  60. You know the study is absolute bolderdash when they make this statement:

    These findings came despite the
    related finding that aliens residing in the U.S. did not demonstrate
    increased levels of substance abuse.

    “This finding defies existing
    stereotypes that contribute to stigmatization of and discrimination
    against Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. without documentation as a
    population with high prevalence of substance use,” Garcini explains.
    “These individuals are unlikely to engage in substance use because it
    increases their risk for deportation and it interferes with their
    productivity at work.”

    75% of illegals are on aid, per the CDC. The amount of crime in and around the border is astronomical, and substance abuse is the leading cause of the crime, either in itself (possession of drugs, DUI’s, etc.) or leading to other things like domestic violence, assaults, murder, etc.

  61. IllegalAliensAre the refuse of that shittholeCalledmexeeco. Even their own countryDoesNot want them.

    DeportAllIllegalAliens and their shittyAnchorBabies – NOW!!!

    AndBuildThatWall – NOW!!! And declareEnglish the official and onlyLanguage of the USA.

  62. They should study these idiots after they get deported and see if they have the same stress level. I’m guessing not.

  63. So will this study be used by the Left to bring more in and give them more help (our stuff/money/jobs/schools/services/elections) to help them cope???

  64. In America, an adult male having sex with a 12 year old girl is considered sexual predator mental disorder. In Mexico, an adult male having sex with a 12 year old girl is part of the culture.

  65. Any person of the world should be able to enter the United States for free healthcare! PLEASE COME TO SAN FRANCISCO!!!

  66. This is really bad. We MUST get rid of borders to alleviate the stress it causes on poor undocumented humans — whose only crime was breaking the law.

  67. Obviously they know what they’re doing is wrong, that’s why they’re so stressed out. If they returned to their own country and fought the system to make it a better place instead of a dump, everyone would be better off.

  68. That’s what this country needs – more depressed illegal welfare recipients bringing criminal tendencies, illiteracy, diseases, drugs, and hate for Americans.

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