Study: People in open relationships as happy as, more trusting than those who prefer monogamy

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Perhaps the grass is equally green on both sides. A new study finds that people in open relationships are actually just as happy as individuals who prefer monogamy.

Researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed 2,124 people at least 25 years old about the quality of their relationship and/or partner. About 90% of those who took part were recruited from Craigslist. The sample group was found to consist of 1,507 individuals in monogamous relationships and 617 people in consensual nonmonogamous (CNM) relationships. Fifty-one percent of CNM participants were in polyamorous relationships, 25% identified as swingers, and 25% were in open relationships.

Participants were polled on areas including “satisfaction, commitment, trust, jealousy and passionate love, which is the intense love feeling often described in new relationships,” according to a university news release.

Couple, relationship
A new study finds that people in open relationships are just as happy and actually more trusting than those who stick to one partner.

Those in CNM relationships were found to be equally satisfied as those who enjoyed monogamy. There was also no difference found in the level of passionate love between monogamous and nonmonogamous people.

“Overall, the outcomes for monogamous and consensual nonmonogamous participants were the same—indicating no net benefit of one relationship style over another,” says Terri Conley, associate professor of psychology and women’s studies at the university, and the study’s lead author, in the news release.

Yet when it came to matters of jealousy and trust, the researchers found people in open relationships actually exhibited lower levels of jealousy and “significantly” higher levels of trust than their counterparts. This finding goes against a number of recent studies that found the average person believes monogamous relationships are more satisfying, trusting, passionate, and less jealous than other types of relationships — which led the researchers to believe a bias is held against nonmonagamous people.

According to the study, prior research shows that about 20% of Americans have been in a consensual nonmonogamous relationship at some point in their lives. As many as 5% of people in relationships identify as being swingers.

The study, Investigation of Consensually Nonmonogamous Relationships, was published this week in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.


  1. Me thinks they’re confusing trust with just not giving a krap. Maybe someone can explain the definition of indifference to a narcissistic and hedonistic liberal think tank.

    1. Nice example of the bias against people in non-monogamous relationships that the researchers were led to believe existed.

      1. There is no such thing as trust in a non-monogamous relationship beyond trusting that the person you’re cheating on doesn’t give you a STD while they’re cheating on you.

        1. Incorrect. The simple answer is that a spouse trusts the other one to stay with them after the sexual activity outside of the marriage.
          You may also consider that if the spouses do not expect each other to remain sexually monogamous, then it’s not really considered cheating.

      2. “bias”?
        What’s next? You are going to cry bias when someone says pedophilia is wrong/criminal/disgusting too?
        This is wrong, no matter how you justify it, or cry and pretend to be a victim.

        1. How do you make the jump from consensual sexual activity to pedophilia?
          You may be disgusted by adults enjoying their bodies with each other but you do not have to partake should you choose not to. That’s why consent is necessary. Outside of that it’s called rape and is neither moral nor legal.

          1. If you run anything under ‘consenstual’, then there is no limit to what you can do, legal or not.
            There is a big chunk of the crowd out there arguing that pedophilia is also consenual and rejecting the age of consent laws and the ‘children not mature enough to realize what they are doing or consenting to’ argument (which also makes me sick to even read such claims), and therefore saying ‘nothing is wrong with pedophilia’, and arguing for it.
            Same thing is being used in court today, to challenge polygamy laws. They are playing the ‘consenting adults’ card for argument. How are you going to challenge that argument? If you are going to label anything against your agenda as biased, and then use the ‘consenting adults’ as an argument, then you should think about the effects that would cause.
            I said it before, and will say it again. Once you redefine marriage to satisfy certain interest group, there is no stopping it. Next would be legalizing polygamy, bestiality, and even pedophilia. All under the ‘progress’, ‘consenting adults’, ‘inclusive’, and ‘equality’ labels.
            You may find this concept way too strict, but that’s how the world works.

          2. There is a tiny minority arguing in favor of pedophilia, just as there is a tiny minority that actually engage in it.
            Consent is a legally defined concept and you cannot legally consent to anything that is illegal. That is why a minor, while agreeing to participate in sexual activity, cannot legally consent to it, which makes the activity legally defined as rape. It is called statutory rape because it is a violation of statute rather than against the persons will that they engage in that activity.
            I would not argue against polygamy as a legally defined construct. If a group of people can make it work, more power to them. Given that it is difficult to make two person relationships work I suspect that making relationships with more than that work would be significantly more difficult, but I do not agree that it should be illegal. This would fly in the face of your restrictive morality, but it’s just another thing in a long list of restrictions from a book that you appear to adhere to that I have rejected. Note that this does not mean that I have rejected every restriction listed in your book, just the unreasonable ones. There is significant overlap with rules that are useful to run a civilization. This is no surprise since religion was one of the tools used to manage early civilization. It is long past time however to sweep away the myths and allow reason to be the basis of our society.
            And finally there is the standard defense used by the self-righteous holier-than-thou critics that allowing this will lead to bestiality. I was wondering when you might bring that cliche into the conversation. Perhaps you could explain the chain of events that would lead to such an eventuality. There are significant reasons not to engage in that sort of thing that have nothing to do with biblical restrictions, but I suppose you would have to have more than a high school understanding of biology to know what they might be. Typically such things happen when there are unreasonable restrictions on allowing consenting adults to engage in sexual activity with each other and there is opportunity for the person to be alone and unobserved with some beast.

            There are many opinions about “how the world works”, but the ones that are steeped in ancient myths are falling away as they are shown to be incorrect.

          3. Opinions and hard core facts are two different things.
            You destroy family values, then it will be only a matter of time before the end human existence. That is a simple fact.

          4. What constitutes “family values” is the opinion here. You are building your arguments upon a foundation of sand.
            Humanity is much more resilient than you believe.

          5. No, it is not based on opinion, that is based on facts. You know those cold hard facts people like you have trouble grasping because they are perpetually offended by them.
            Unlike you, my arguments are on solid rock foundation. You arguments are based on emotions, outrage, victimhood, twisting and perversion of facts, history, tradition and science, not to mention completely ignoring common sense, but you seem to think you have the higher moral and scientific group.
            Typical of the low information crowd.

            “Humanity is much more resilient than you believe.”
            This is why people like you are clueless and can’t be taken seriously. You define resilience by how more perversion they can tolerate and handle.
            You are so lost and confused that you can’t see how lost and confused you are, which is typical today among the low information crowd you seem to be part of.

          6. Family values used to include leaving deformed babies out in the elements to die. It was considered necessary for the survival of the community since they would be unable to carry the extra load of a person that could not contribute to the welfare of the community.
            If that were to happen now the community would prosecute the parents.
            So which part of Family Values is the cold hard fact? The life of a deformed child, or the well being of the community?

            Family values used to include a complete acceptance that the woman was the property of the man. Women are now recognized as equally free and share the same rights as men.
            Which part of Family Values is the cold hard fact? The property value held by the man, or the freedom of the woman?Throughout most of human history, family values used to accept the holding of people as slaves. That is no longer acceptable in the developed world and is considered a heinous crime that will be severely punished.
            Which part of Family Values is the cold hard fact? That people may be owned by other people, or that all people deserved to be free?

            Your belief in an immutable definition of family values, of a persistent definition of morality, and of the righteousness of your position, are demonstrably false.

          7. All that long endless boring, borderline psychotic rant (forget borderline, it IS psychotic), just because you can’t understand the difference between values (look up the definition), and terrible customs of certain groups, yet you feel that you are an authority on this subject. Worse, you arrogantly attack others for correcting your twisted view of the world.
            Your understanding of “developed world” is having sex aimlessly, destroying family values under the false pretense of progress and, even worse, you don’t understand basics, have no connection to reality or what actual freedom means. For you, everything is about sex and perversion.
            Of course your only way to justify your sick view of the world is to demonize the opposing opinion and spew illiterate garbage and sweeping generalization, which is what you are resorting to.
            Arguing with people like is a waste of time. The destruction of the western civilization is coming and it is not at the hands of radicals/isalmofacists or similar lunatic groups. It would be at the hands of people like you. The low information arrogant crowd and the clueless ones who think they can tell others how to live their lives. It is like the blind leading the blind.
            But I am sure you think you are the best hope for humanity, and have the higher moral ground.
            What a waste of time.

          8. Your assumptions are incorrect. Your analysis of me is similarly incorrect.
            Didn’t really expect much more from someone that believes in fairy tales.
            Before you accuse others of telling people how to live their lives, you should have a look in the mirror.

          9. I gave you cold hard facts and they went flying over your head.
            Not surprising given the fact that you advocate perversion and your little feeling seems to have been hurt, and you are a bigot to start.
            You are trying to force people into supporting your perversion and based on a twisted view of the world, added to your complete ignorance of the facts which are compounded by your bigotry.

            But then again, that is not surprising coming from a bigot who wants to force everyone into agreeing with and supporting his perversion.
            You need to grow up, after you grow a spine. You seem to have some complex rejecting decency and family values. You come across as someone who wouldn’t mind sleeping with his own sister/mother/off spring all under ‘progress’ and ‘don’t judge me’ excuses.

            You must have had a rough childhood or one or both of your parents were abusive with you. Not sure which, but you certainly don’t come across as someone stable. Some screws are certainly loose. Morals are in the pit, and arrogance/bigotry took over you, along with hate a bigotry. You judge people after looking at them through your hate glasses.

          10. Heh. I’m not the one that resorted to name calling. Did you learn that in church along with your remarkable intolerance of ideas you don’t agree with?
            Remember, this all started out when you refused to believe that people in open relationships could be more trusting than those who are not which seems like an obvious observation.

            You seem pretty angry, are you happy with your life? I’ve found that devotion to ancient myths promotes the former and inhibits the latter.

          11. Yes, you started name calling. You started your personal attacks, and then extended it to a pathetic show of bigotry.
            So not interested in hearing your garbage.
            You are now restoring to revisionist history and victimhood once you nonsense was called out.

          12. Once again you need the mirror. You are revising the history of our conversation. Perhaps you should read it again.
            Correctly stating that your beliefs are incorrect is not a personal attack. You choose to see it that way because you do not accept the validity of my arguments and need to justify your anger at being offended, demonstrate your victimhood for those that are similarly deluded.
            I understand that the sexual repression forced upon you by your faith has made open relationships an unthinkable option for you and that you must hide your dalliances lest your “trusting” partner discover your unfaithfulness and reject you for them.
            You would do well to study Marcus Aurelius.

          13. Your crap was exposed and called out. Get over it, and learn from this.
            You were taught a lesson in history, common sense and manners, but you are apparently too stupid to even read plain English. Not surprising, coming form a hate -filled bigot. Keep digging yourself bigger holes by attacking others for their opinion and faith, while claiming to be defending rights.

          14. Must have touched a nerve to get you all riled up like that.
            If you think your skewed rantings were lessons, then I suppose telling you once again to look in the mirror won’t help as you would be unable to benefit from such an exercise.
            Your ill-informed assessment of me once again misses the target.
            Seriously, you should read Aurelius, it can help.

          15. Nice try. Bigots and hate-filled bigots like you could not ‘rile’ me up if their lives depended on it, let alone ‘touch a nerve’, but then again, you are blinded by your own stupidity and arrogance.
            I just slapped you for your bigotry and hate. Sent you ranting like a rabid psychotic loon, but you are too stupid to see how stupid you sound when you claim you have the higher moral ground while you advocate flat-out perversion and nastiness.
            There is a reason evil exists today. You and your ilk serve it and make sure it continues to exist. You should seriously consider seeing a professional, or a psychiatric counsellor. There are serious issues with you, anger is one of them, projections, nastiness, blurred lines between bigotry, hate and reality, not to mention lack of basic human morals. You would sleep with your own mother and call it progress. People like you are a threat to decency and basic human values.

          16. Following the constitution and law is flat-out perversion and nastiness?
            I hope not because a lot of Americans believe in the constitution and following it and law.
            But maybe trolls believe differently.

          17. Huh? Are you lost or just now butt-hurt from getting owned in other threads and now are stalking me, hoping to score a point?
            Do you even know what this is about, you trolling POS?
            There was no constitutional issue to argue about here.
            Someone was advocating perversion, and then trampling on others because “progress” and then it turned into a troll fest. No wonder you decided to jump into this thread. You are attracted to trolling like flies attracted to sh*t.
            Get lost.

          18. Also, Johnny come lately to the thread, where in the constitution there is mention of swinging and open relations?
            Read the thread next time before you jump in, lame troll.

          19. Heh. Read your reply again and tell me who is ranting.
            I stand by my assessment.
            Your belief in myths and those you call leaders in your cult perpetuate a significant amount of evil in the name of your imaginary friend. Your persistence in trying to dehumanize me and my “ilk” is evidence of that. It is easy to perform evil acts on those you see as less than human.
            Remember, “Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions.” – Blaise Pascal.

          20. Another run-on psychotic rant.
            I made a mistake in assuming there is some decency or common sense left in you. I was wrong. You are beyond any hope.

            Perversion seems to be a lifestyle for you, but then, you think religion is bad because you can’t understand that what I said had almost no connection any religion, but I objected to your lame and recycled attacks on faith, and also, you miss basic facts that you claiming that you are against discrimination, does not hide your hypocrisy, pushing your own brand of hateful bigotry.
            But keep randomly quoting, all out of context because you are not that smart to understand what you are advocating for and what you are against.

          21. Confirming my suspicions once again. Do you have so little faith that a few words convince you that I am beyond redemption. Your book of myths tells you that no one is beyond redemption, yet here you are, after a mere correspondence declaring that I am beyond hope.
            How typical of you religious types. All flowery words about faith and hope, yet when confronted, shown to be faithless and hopeless.
            What is light without Darkness? I am a part of you all.
            My work here is done.

          22. Here is reality for you. No one gives a flying rat’s behind what you think. Or more accurately, no one gives a flying rat’s behind what a pervert like you, supporting perversion thinks, or “suspects”, you are the scum of society. You have no problem sleeping with your own mother/sister/cousin/offspring, all for ‘progress’ and just to oppose people of faith.
            You are also a hypocrite, scream and whine of alleged discrimination or claim you are being judged, yet demonstrated your hate-filled bigotry, judging others, smearing and attacking them just because you suspected they are people of faith.

            Your likes are a danger to society in general, a threat to the human gene pool too. You want to wipe all the decency in the world and establish a lawless, faithless, genderless, clueless, system where perversion is normal and anything even remotely decent and solid is outlawed.
            Your likes are all bark and no action. Just attack, whine, smear, accuse others of anything that you see in your nightmares, blame your own faults, failures and shortcomings on others. Then pretend to be a victim and live a sorry bitter life, angry/mad at the world, and always have hate in you, a sad bigoted troll.
            Grow up, get a life, and while you are at it, grow a spine too. Some education in your case wouldn’t hurt too.
            Then come back and read your lunacy posted here and my responses, you will, just like me, feel sorry for the pervert who posted such crap.

            “My work here is done.”
            I don’t believe perverts and nasty trolls.
            You will continue to troll, and in fact, I would not be surprised if that ‘tomtype’ stalking troll turned out to be a sock puppet account of yours.
            But I hope you are right and you are taking a hike.
            Don’t let the door hit you on your way out then, pervert. You sad lame troll.

          23. “No one gives a flying rat’s behind what you think.”
            You do. You’ve written hundreds of words telling the world so. You’ve given me space in your head and now cannot evict me. Be careful, I’ve been known to trigger crises of faith.

          24. I repeat. No one gives a flying rat’s behind what you think.
            No one supported you, and I see few that opposed in the start of this thread. So you are a who is one the wrong side of history, morality, decency, and facts.
            Don’t worry about me, I survived several wars and served honorably. Cockroaches like you don’t scare me. But keep having your wet dreams about me. I seem to live in your head now, rent free, you semi-literate, morality and history challenged pervert.
            I don’t care what you think. I am just playing with you, eventually you will get blocked.

          25. If you don’t care, why do you keep responding?

            Time to whip out the DD-214s then? You think another vet couldn’t possibly think differently than you? I was the atheist in the foxhole.

          26. You still don’t get it, but that is expected from a pervert who is only interested in his perversions.
            I don’t care. I only slap you around and rile you up. Post couple of sentences and watch you spew run-on psychotic rants and bigoted drivel, foaming at the mouth with hate, while whining about being discriminated against. It is, like the old saying free entertainment, the clown is willing and the price is right.
            Although likening someone like you to clowns is an insult to all the hard working clowns, they bring smiles to children after all.

          27. “you do not have to partake should you choose not to”
            Tell that to the Christian bakeries, flower shops, photographers, and other business that got punished, shut down and demonized, their lives destroyed, labeled haters/homophobic/bigoted/…etc, for daring to say “this is against my faith, and I will be glad to refer you to someone else”, and some even offered to serve a generic cake without the ‘gay marriage’ supporting decorations.
            We all know that heterosexuals, Christians, Jews, and family values are exempt from civil rights, and should be beaten into submission by the ‘tolerant, loving and inclusive’ militant left.

          28. You’ve gotten off topic. Perhaps you would like to explain how you made the leap from consenting adults enjoying sexual activity to pedophilia.

          29. What off topic? That is your response to facts?
            You missed the “consenting” part in your argument?
            Also, what makes someone an adult is “arguable” these days. Since marriage, consent, age, family, values, morality are all under attack and being redefined. Someone is always offended. Truth, decency, and facts are always offensive to some people.

          30. I see, you are losing the argument so you choose to move the goalposts.
            An adult is anyone older than 18 years old. Pretty standard legal definition.
            “marriage, consent, age, family, values, morality” have been subject to change throughout history. We have managed to create a relatively reasonable and somewhat stable definition for most of these in Western civilization, but that does not mean that change is not necessary. If you cling to older beliefs based upon outdated mythologies you are perpetuating some beliefs and attitudes known to be wrong.

          31. LOL.
            When you get educated with real life cases, and facts, you ASSume that I am losing the argument, and throw the lame old, worn out ‘goalposts’ response, which means YOU lost the argument and now are whining because you can’t keep up.

            Not even your selective copy/paste support your argument.
            Here is a free clue. Go back and read where I said even the definition of adult is under attack, meaning the LEGAL definition. Just like the definition of marriage that went under attack and now is perverted. But I doubt you are smart enough to notice or learn from history.
            You know the old saying about those who are unaware of history.

    2. Harry I think you were a little too “liberal” with your use of “think tank”. No thinking here, strictly ideology.

    3. You are actually speaking from a position of extreme ignorance have you BEEN in a swinging relationship? No im sure you havent because you dont trust your partner enough to not leave you once she is F’ed better than you can do it. Which i imagine takes very little effort. The fact is those in non monogamous have typically a more trusting and a more open minded attitude and are more confident in their relationships than most monogamous people. If i am comfortable enough to let my wife sleep with another man i am confident she wont leave me just because she gets laid really good. You however think if your woman is allowed to partake of another man she will realize how much she has been without for the last how ever many years.

      1. I married a Widow who’s first husband gave her sex only a few times a year. She Married me and it was “Oh God, Oh God”, I never heard so much praying, She Married at 17 and over 30 years later she found out what normal was. I never knew what it was like to find such a sex deprived babe that had no idea. All is good. I don’t need a hook up. If you are careful who you marry you can be very happy!

        1. Sounds like you made a wise investment in purchasing a blowup doll that can talk. Does it also say that it has had inoculations that lasted longer than you.

      2. @ra44mr2:disqus

        Not all of us have to allow our partners to have coitus with others in order to prove we “really trust them”.

        Any suggestion that open relationships are better than traditional relationships likely comes from an agenda to expand open relationships. If you like open relationships more power to you. I am sure they are quite fine until jealousy or insecurity set in. Which are both real, human traits that no one can claim they have complete control over.

      3. If you consider how well you lay your wife the most significant factor in keeping her around then no wonder she wants an open relationship – she’ll bail on you the second she finds someone with a personality better than that of your average Neanderthal.

  2. My guess is that eventually most swingers will settle down to a monogamous relationship.

  3. And the slow erosion of Western civilization continues unabated…the elitist globalists are laughing, non-stop.

      1. Is subjective – if you were twenty when the erosion began in earnest then you’d be almost dead by now, with it having happened over the course of your entire life and still not finished at the time of your death.

        Gay marriage is the big milestone – with that out of the way then they’ll start working on the really depraved stuff, such as CA having recently decriminalized child prostitution.

  4. Just trying to promote the ongoing destruction of marriage and the family unit in the West. Wonder where the funding comes from.

    1. For Friday’s column, we’ll be discussing the increasingly acceptance of pedophilia amongst couples in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships who have experienced at least one spirit cooking party… isn’t this where the walls of Jericho comes crashing down ?

    2. In 1970 I transferred to Berkeley and on one of my first days in town-before school started-a guy about my age approached me as I was sitting on the some steps near Telegraph St. He wore a military type jacket that many of us wore at the time and proceeded to talk to me about the need for a “revolution” in this country. And then he went into more detail about how the sexual roles had to switched around-same sex sex and how the family had to be undermined in order to destabilize the ruling structure and make the revolution possible. This was an important theme in SDS as he told he was a member of that group. While I never went all in- I was sort of friendly with seeing him on the streets. One time he somehow got into my apartment used some eggs and bread and left money for what he used. Another time I drove him to a street near the old Berkeley Tribe offices where, with gloves on, he called on a pay phone telling them where they could find an article he’d written-which he left by or in a trash can nearby. The whole undermining of the family meme is something I think about all the time-especially as I am a father and wonder where all the undermining of our society will lead.

      1. Break up the family, you destroy the glue of humanity… read what’s on the Georgia Guidestones… it’s all about eugenics. ..Bill Gates father co-founded planned parenthood (Margaret Sanger) – you see, like father like son – look at all the great work the Gates Foundation does in 3rd world countries with their vaccine program.. they want you DEAD

      2. Look what welfare has done to destroy families. Eighty-something percent of black children are born out of wedlock.

    3. Humanity survived for over 10,000 years without marriage and when the first marriages started they were polygamous with multiple wives married to one man which still occurs today in some societies. The concept of one woman being with one man “until death do we part” is a relatively modern ideology. Today, Marriage is a religious institution and a government tax penalty. Working together forming an enduring partnership is what is more important then any piece of paper and that is the way it always has been.

      1. Ahhhhhh-No! Marriage and monogamy was from the beginning. You talk about 10,000 years ago like you lived then. So I feel confident to at least say my source is the Bible.

        1. R…I…G…H…T …yeah, well, There probably was an “adam” that had a certain DNA change that created the homo sapien species of which the oldest found fossils are about 195,000 years old. Social structure such as “marriage” did not exist. The strongest and most dominant reigned over those who were weaker and chose whoever they waned for their sexual mating killing rivals if necessary. Typically the women went to the strongest and most powerful and I’m not speaking of one woman but many. Men died in the hunt more than women in the caves. This is prior to written history, written language and probably spoken language as well. Oldest evidence of written language is only 6000 years ago. Oldest cave drawings are only 67,000 years ago. That pales in comparison to 195,000+ years. The 10,000 years I spoke of in my first post was since the Pleistocene Epoch ice age (last ice age) ended approximately – 10-12,000 years ago after lasting 2.6 million years. Knowledge is not to be feared or scoffed. That is a sign of a zealot who has no eyes or ears open to see or hear anything except that which they “know” is true. Who is wise among you to understand these things shall know.

          And you speak as though the bible wasn’t written by men and which books to include to make the collection called the bible wasn’t decided by groups of men. If one is not to put their trust in man, then they should not put their trust in the pure accuracy and infallibility of man’s writings.

          There is only One who is good is my personal belief. when you find any good in jealousy, you can tell me about your god who is a jealous god.

          1. Lets just say the Bible was written by men without God’s input. That would mean that I am trusting the men that wrote the history of man according to their writings… the Bible. But since you did not live all those years ago that you refer to as fact….you are trusting man. And those men are probably trusting in science and dating techniques for rocks and bones that have long since been proven HIGHLY inaccurate. Whereas the Bible has been doubted and later proven through science and discovery to be correct. So…you believe in men’s account and I believe in men’s account. Choose you who you will serve, men who believe in “everything came from nothing” (impossible) or men who believe that there was a Maker?

          2. Here is a link so we can be on somewhat a similar page of understanding science which has nothing to do with faith or region other than to understand the way things are or rather were.


            You are believing religious propaganda attempting to debunk science to think what was inaccurate years ago is still inaccurate or that one reading that was proven wrong is the same as all dating is proven highly inaccurate when that would be a complete false statement. The article explains this.

            Yes, I am trusting scientists who have no veiled agenda (unlike “Climate Change” which is political) and who are seeking the truth to be somewhat accurate in some things that are proven such as radio carbon dating. And Radio Carbon is only accurate to 50,000 years at best. Other radiometric methods are used to date back further. But even if 2.6 million age of the last ice age is off 20% what difference does it make if it was 1.1 or 5.5 or 2.6 million years ago when the point would still be the same. There was an earth before there was man. If you believe in the literal seven day creation then there is nothing I or anyone can help you with because any who are literalists, including my brother who is one, are blind and deaf zealots.

            The number and quality of scientific finds that have fueled religious scholars in proving the bible to be somewhat historically accurate thousands of years before King Herod also are being done in other areas and finds dating far further back in history.

            I have no agenda and I am not attempting any form of proselytization. In fact, I don’t want any that are “religious” to go where I go or be where I am. If you knew, you would understand but I don’t expect you to understand nor is it important to this discussion.

            I see you can’t give an answer as to what good is there in jealousy. It is a fool’s quest anyway since there is no good in jealousy.

            Yes, I choose who I serve – none. I don’t serve man, am no one’s savior, and that is not my path in this life or the next. I don’t dignify the word “god” as being any more different between how you see the vast difference between ‘god’ and man verses how I see “god” and the only one who is good. Everything in the bible is not what it appears. But if you don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear, I can’t open what is shut nor can you close the path that has been opened to me. The truth will make you free but its hard to discern the truth of the matter so convoluted you call it a mystery that is no mystery to me. To each his own. I can live with that. Why can’t you let people be and stay out of what is none of your business? Go read Rev 22:11 and obey or not – that is on you.

    4. It is an ancillary effort to reinforce socialist dogma proliferated in academia. On top of the K-12 public education indoctrination, additional reinforcements in “higher education” must support the dogma taught in public education over the lessons learned at home. Adolescents and young adults are very impressionable, and rebellious with innate authority problems, perfect for indoctrination.

      This is especially true regarding philosophies that conflict with their teaching at home, which makes the perfect circular argument in young minds. Due to their rebellious nature, and problems with authority, combined with the amazingly strong instincts to rebel from the strict control of their parents, nearly anything that denounces the position of the parental authority figures is embraced with a fervor that cannot be found at any other stage of life, regardless how rediculous in real life….

  5. Every other study, conducted by scientific method, will tell you the exact opposite. When, at the start, you’ve taken trust off the table, just shut your cake hole aobut the topic.

  6. Trusting? They just don’t care. Whatever…. dogs and cats living together, up is down blah blah blah

  7. ……and there is no possible path for Trump to 270 electoral votes, and there is no actual benefit to flossing your teeth, and your cat doesn’t really love you and is just using you, and just give up all common sense and rely on us to define reality for you, and whatever we can’t define for you we will shame you through political correctness……………

  8. Jealousy and trust? At face value, it seems those are pretty much thrown out the window when you voluntarily allow another man to crawl on top of your wife.

  9. “…surveyed 2,124 people at least 25 years old about the quality of their
    relationship and/or partner. About 90% of those who took part were
    recruited from Craigslist.” Thank goodness they got a good sample for determining how the entire human population acts.

    1. The study was not presented as representing the entire human population. It would be more accurate to say that it represents sexually active US adults in relationships and even more accurate to say that of those adults, it is strongly biased towards those that participate in Craigslist.

      1. People from craigslist are the kind you avoid and doesnt represent any population other than the kind of people who use want ads to find sex.

        1. Anyone that uses craigslist is trusting, VERY trusting, and that ain’t a good thing. Just like Facebook, Craigslist exists to screw people and anyone using it is a moron.

          1. Yeah, its pretty fuct.

            I read about this girl who went with her beta to have a fuck fest with some dude from the list and the cocksucker killed her boyfriend and tortured her for five days before killing her.

            Luckily(😖) the perp crashed his car during a chase and burned alive.
            I hope he is still burning.

            Too trusting, for real!

        2. Your own statement clearly says that it does represent a specific population, “the kind of people who use want ads to find sex”.
          That population has been around for a long time and is much bigger than most people would believe. You may not be old enough to remember this, but there used to be a thriving publishing segment for Swingers Newspapers. They were essentially just want ads for people looking for other people for sex. Most ads had pictures, mostly NSFW pictures, and they were sold through newspaper vending machines. I remember a whole row of them in front of the Clairmont Post Office in San Diego. A very good resource for a teen looking for dirty pics before the Internet.

          1. The point being made is that if you ask a bunch of crackheads if drugs should be legalized you’re more prone to see a larger percentage of them say yes than the normal population.

            These are people who have so little trust and faith in their spouses that they decided it was better to simply make the infidelity open and legal rather than having one partner go behind the back of the other.

            I’ve met several open relationship couples in my time and I’ve only ran into one instance where both individuals were actually taking advantage of it, all the other times it was simply a desperate bid by one partner to not loose the other partner to infidelity.

          2. Your experience amounts to anecdotal evidence. This study, though small, returns a much more reliable result. That said, you could certainly find couples within the sample group that run counter to the results. That’s how statistics work, they only apply to sample sizes larger than what is known as a representative sample and the smaller the sample size the less reliable the result.
            You are also exhibiting the non-monogamous bias written of in the article.
            Is it so difficult to understand that more couples that trust that their spouses will stay with them after sexual activity outside their marriages show a higher degree of trust than those that live monogamously? To understand that of course, one must first admit to themselves that a marriage relationship is based upon much more than simply the sexual relationship.

          3. This article is an attempt to normalize fringe behavior.

            Been there, done that. Wasnt worth it.

          4. You’ve got the cart before the horse. The study was done to understand existing behavior, not to influence it or to ensure that it comes about.

          5. Yeah, I remember them.

            I also remember there was PLENTY of body hair back then also.

  10. Well jeez if you already know your spouse is a whore …. do you “trust” them to remain a whore?

  11. After same sex marriage, next step is polygamy, probably to appease a certain religion.
    This so called study is the tip of the iceberg.

  12. I don’t think trust is measurable in this instance. A better measure would be divorce rate. Which group has the lower divorce rate, would be a better question.

  13. Craigslist, hey? Well heck, that sounds like a good random sampling to truly evaluate the hypothesis….especially the escort and FWB sections.

  14. I have found that open relationships can be a great source of happiness and contentment. In fact, my wife and I enjoy an open relationship and I have never been happier. I’m sure she will feel the same way when she finds out that we have an open relationship.

    1. Funny but accurate.

      With one exception, all of the open relationship couples I’ve run into over the years have been very one way, with only one member going out and whoring it up while the other can’t recall the last time that he/she even flirted with someone else.

      All said, open relationships are really just last ditch attempts by the non-cheating partner to save the relationship by effectively legalizing the cheating.

  15. I finally talked my wife into having a 3-some with my best friend joining in for some straight action. That was the biggest mistake of my life because they ran away together. Boy, do I miss him!

  16. So was this ridiculous, intentionally slanted survey performed before or after their marriages broke up because of the swinging? Because afterwards, they are no longer so happy or trusting.

  17. I want to be a professor of women’s studies. That is perfect for me. What I have noticed is that any class or department that ends with the word ‘studies’ is total BS. I love it. I am an expert on women so I should definitely be teaching Women’s Studies 101 and up. Sock it to me ladies!

  18. Isn’t this a lot like interviewing the skydiver on the pleasures of jumping, right before his chute fails to open?

  19. What a crock of SHIITE – Oh, and don’t forget how forgiving they are too of the communicable diseases!


  20. Isn’t it funny how these leftist dens of filth continually keep doing studies and polls that everyone knows are designed simply to attack and destroy America’s value system. And how every sensible person sees them for what they really are.

  21. “About 90% of those who took part were recruited from Craigslist.” There in comes the problem. And your expecting what kind of clientele from Craigslist to Volunteer? Fake Science….If you can call it that. Can I get free money for this kind of stupid study? Shezzzz….

  22. I’m amazed that half the people surveyed on craigslist were non monogamous. I would have thought more like 90-95%. You can get the outcome you’re looking for on any subject, you just have to look in the right place.

  23. My parents were swingers and mutually chose this lifestyle after they had their four children. Their swingers friends were also married couples who had children already and most had been married already about 7-10 years. They had swing parties, inviting usually about five or six other married couples. The number one rule was that everyone had to be married, single persons were never allowed to participate. They would dress up like regular party goers would and each would bring a dish of something they cooked to eat for the potluck buffet at one of the swinger couple homes. I suppose the women coordinated with one another on what they’d bring to eat. The host of the party would supple the booze unless they chose to ask them to bring their own.

    I accepted the fact my parents were swingers and they were happy and loved one another just the same and all the couples were their best friends, the women especially liked one another and never jealous of each other always shared as best girlfriends do and yes there was always that mutual bond of trust between them all.

    I later learned when I was a teenager that it was mutually understood that the couples
    weren’t there for love relationships, they saw each other only when they were together as couples, never alone on a separate date and when they did get together it was for fun and having sex with
    anothers spouse and nobody was ever hurt by
    this or got jealous when they did. Sometimes my parents went away for the weekend with another couple on their boat or some other weekend vacation get-away, going out to dinner and enjoying themselves.

    1. “…nobody was ever hurt by this or got jealous…”

      Or so it was reported.

      The real question is: how are they ALL doing now?

  24. Of course they’re more trusting.

    Swinger 1: “Do you have anything?”
    Swinger 2: “No, I’m clean!”
    Swinger 1: “Great, let’s get on!”
    Swinger 2: “Yea!”

  25. Attention : Terri Conley, associate professor of psychology and women’s studies – we have a current position open for you for the Clinton 2020 campaign. Your understanding of Craigslist demographics, human sexual deficiency and perversion will be indispensable in our march to victory ! Please forward your resume, salary requirements and favorite meal to – John Podesta (parts unknown)

  26. There’s plenty of other evidence that cohabiting couples cheat more, experience more violence to themselves and to their children and have less sex than married couples. The idea that idiots in open relationships are as happy as married couples is really moronic. Whoever said that shouldn’t smirk when saying it.

  27. Utter Crap!!!!! If you keep playing around on your mate you will end up finding someone you like better. Being committed to one person is where true happiness lies. I’ve done it for 30 yrs and will continue to do so.

  28. I saw another story that said,”Study: People In Monogamous Relationships As Happy As, More Trusting Than Those Who Prefer Open Relationships” So Who is right?

    1. As always I think it comes down to the individuals involved. Some can be happy in a traditional marriage type relationship while others would die in it and others can practice “open,” relationships and be fine. But observing the kinds of displays people exhibit these days from the very top of our society to the bottom over a host of things not just sex-I’d have to say many people find it a challenge to summon enough emotional intelligence to have a solid one on one relationship let alone an open approach to sexual relations.

  29. There is a reason women move on from Big Macs to Whoppers, She can get the Whopper everyday instead of on occasion. *Hint*

  30. More trusting?? if you know she’s cheating and she knows your cheating, whats to hide? “how was your day honey? “I sucked 3 guys today” oh thats nice….Upside down world

  31. Respondents were recruited from Craigslist? Doesn’t that in itself indicate a likely non-representative sample?

    Just because some college students did a research paper for a class does not mean that their methodologies or their conclusions are accurate or authoritative.

  32. It is none of my business what others do in their own bedrooms. It is none of anyone else’s business what goes on in mine.

  33. Since perhaps as much as two thirds of a lot of published social science research has been proven non-replicable, I would take these findings with a big grain of salt, but from my first hand observations, threading that non-monogamy needle for the long run is iffy. Long run relationships seem to produce happier people.

  34. More trusting my arse. THEY DON’T CARE! It’s not that they trust more, it’s that trust is no longer a factor; it’s not in the game plan. Trust is an element of a monogamous relationship. This whole article is BS.

  35. Total and utter BS – is this article supposed to fool anyone who isn’t already stupid enough to vote Democrat?

    Take the claim that there’s more trust between people who cheat on each other – what kind of idiotic claim is that? My wife lets me sleep with other women – she really trusts me. There’s nothing to trust when you’re cheating on each other – trust is only required in faithful monogamous couples.

    There also isn’t more joy or love between the two – if there was sufficient joy and love between them then they wouldn’t be sleeping with other people now would they?

  36. Of course being more trusting does not necessarily equate to being more trustworthy. One could ask where trust even comes into it in an open relationship. Oh well, I just live here, and have become a stranger in a strange land. What this world does with itself, and the price they pay for doing so is on them. Goodness, they have been warned enough.

  37. This study like all studies are flawed. They sampled couples still in an open relationship. Not the wrecks that this lifestyle causes. I have been in just about every swing club in the US and some abroad. I used to visit a particular club in NYC on a regular basis and met thousands of couples. These people are not all there. In the the end it is an open wound. There is absolutely no way to have a loving, intimated relationship under these circumstances. They should redo the study to include those that have been broken and victimized with open relationships. Many specially women are coerced by the male to participate. Many in fear of loosing their marriage or relationship if they did not. Not good.

  38. So there were two groups. One group of Craigslist libertines and another group of swinger libertines. Since the swinger libertines were more honest about their double dipping, the swinger group were 1. just as happy and 2. not as suspicious of the double dipping because they already consented to double dipping. Notably absent is the sexual gold standard comparison group: couples who were abstinent before marriage and faithful within. This is the demographic that reports the greatest sexual and relational satisfaction. Another example of tax payer’s dollars being used to destroy social power.


  40. Brought to you by AshleyMadison….Good, swing away, you’re unique, special, open-minded, and facinating people. It’s about as exciting as gay people at this point. Who cares.

  41. They hired then off of Craigslist and try and pass it off and representing normal people? Even just trying to buy or sell something simple off of Craigslist and you will be swarmed with weirdos. Nothing about the people there represent normal humans.

  42. Yeah because adultery and formication never existed before and only non religious people engage in such activities . Because” liberals invented such things.” And good conservatives have nothing to do with greed,war,oppression, and the persecution of others or pious attitudes.

  43. Three clues to a total bullshit article: (1) “A study shows…” (2) A sensationalistic headline, (3) An Alinsky Leftist message.

  44. What a load of animal feces.
    Another George Soros funded ‘study’, yeah very credible. From the same crowd that wants to redefine marriage.

  45. This is insane. They need to research the number of murders and murder/suicides where jealousy is provoked before they declare this mess a success.

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