1 in 5 people don’t have a first aid kit at home — but most own a skin care ‘cure-all’

NEW YORK — Half of Americans think they’re the unofficial “doctor” or “expert” in their families when it comes to addressing skin concerns. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 people looking at how people treat some of their most uncomfortable skin concerns.

The poll finds that while nearly a fifth of respondents don’t own a standard first aid kit at home, two-thirds have a favorite “cure-all” product.

Skin care pros

Nearly three-quarters of Americans like being the “go-to” for their family and friends, citing that they are often excited to share helpful information they learn about different products (73%). However, these self-proclaimed skincare “experts” can’t take all the credit for finding their go-to product — more than two in three people say they learned about skin remedies from their parents.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel, the survey shows that, on average, people spend more than three hours researching products for different skin concerns before committing to them. Three in four prefer remedies for different skin concerns that are simple, natural, and effective (76%). Most Americans agree that they prefer to use a versatile cure-all treatment for different skin concerns rather than other products for varying concerns (68%).

One in five respondents who have a favorite cure-all product add it is a staple for their entire family (21%). Nearly a third of Americans use their cure-all item a few times a week (32%), and 18 percent use it every day to treat different concerns.

home remedies

Rubs some ointment on it

The top products that people turn to for almost any skin ailment include antibiotic ointment, petroleum jelly, and witch hazel.

“Not only can it be difficult to find genuine products that work for everyone in the family to treat a variety of skin concerns, but it can also be hard to find 100% natural witch hazel, that is not watered down, and versatile products that are safe for whole the family,” says Bryan Jackowitz, president of Dickinson Brands Inc., in a statement.

People love their cure-all products so much they’re willing to take them on vacation (58%), to work (36%), and even on a date (28%). Respondents concur that the most uncomfortable skin concerns that pop up any and everywhere include rashes (31%), cuts (27%), and bug bites (25%).

Versatility ranks number one on the list of top factors people consider when purchasing items to treat their skin (42%), followed by price (41%), and reviews or recommendations (38%).

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